Top 10 Biggest Dams in the World


biggest dams in the worldThree Gorges Dam is constructed over the flows of Yangtze River which is the world biggest dam in the world located in Yiling District, China. It is made up with concrete structure like other biggest dams in the world. Its length is 2 km long and 60 stories tall with 180 meters height. 40,000 workers had worked hard to construct that structure in 17 years of period which can produce more than 20,000 megawatt power for the Chinese nation. Three Gorges Dam is producing electricity for millions of the people through Yangtze River. Before constructing the world biggest dam in the world they moved the river to other side and many people flooded. First they blocked the half river and made the half construction. Then they opened the gates and made the other part of structure. They build the 3 parts of dam. After full construction there was big amount of water pressure to dam with more area covered and it was the biggest hydroelectric project in the world. 28 million cubic concrete was used to build that precious. That dam produces the much electricity for the Chinese people with less rates. There are power houses, generators and turbine motors for power production. This has 32 generators which are very much in number to produce much electricity. Biggest dams in the world are producing much power to supply the different departments. Water is passed through pipe gates and water swings the motors and produce electricity. The complete list of largest dams in the world by capacity is stated in this article.

Benefits of world biggest dams

  • Water storage
  • Flood controlling
  • Power generation
  • Boating facilities
  • Using water to irrigate

Yangtze River is the biggest river in china with length of 6000 meters long. Many Chinese people migrated from the dam water areas which was flooding the people. Chinese produced the much power than any other dam but it was not originally made for that purpose. In older times, there were many floods who destroyed the people and that was the main reason for the construction which stops the water to the flood areas. biggest dams in the world store large amount of water to get rid of floods and later use that water for crops. There were also the traffic problem for the trade and travel through river because it was the busiest river. Almost 173 ships are passed through dam daily. Chinese expert engineers build the largest dams in the world by capacity with ship block part. Firstly ships enter in the blocked part and gate closed, and then other gates are opened to go. No water is wasted without getting energy. There are lifter for the passenger boats, they take up the ship and passed through. That lifter is also the major construction of china.

Top 10 Biggest Dams in the World by Countries

Rank Dam Name Volume Thousand Cu m Country
1  Three Gorges  39,300,876  China
2  Syncrude Tailings  540,053  Canada
3  Chapetón  296,252  Argentina
4  Pati  238,176  Argentina
5  New Cornelia Tailings  209,564  United States
6  Tarbela  121,742  Pakistan
7  Kambaratinsk  112,190  Kyrgyzstan
8  Fort Peck  96,035  Montana
9  Lower Usuma  93,650  Nigeria
10  Cipasang  90,340  Indonesia

Q: Which is the biggest dam country in the world?

China has the 1st rank in the largest dams in the world by capacity. Three Gorges has the most volume than other countries. As all know that China is the biggest economic power, so they need much power to work on industries and other projects. So, Chinese constructed many dams to get over.

biggest dams in the world by country


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