Top 10 Lowest Birth Rate Countries in the World


lowest birth rate countriesMeasure of people have numerous preferences from the antiquated ages to now in the time of Information Technology. Lowest birth rate countries are living cheerfully than high rate nations like Finland, Denmark and Switzerland and so on yet they have low workforce. Populated nations are going to overwhelm them because of more workforce of people. People are the great formation of God which can change the world. Low population growth can take the nations to in reverse on the grounds that there are very little laborers for advancement of country. More populated nations have solid economy and they can expand it more like China and India. Lowest birth rate nations relies upon machines because of low workforce. Remained weak in defense because of low military power. Can not promote youth in the society which is the primary force of a nation. Moreover least populated nations take tough time to make solid economy effortlessly as contrast with populated countries.

How to increase the lowest population growth rate

  • Evacuate Family controlling Centers
  • Advance Marriages
  • Invest more time with family
  • Teach religious books

In the current world people have all the facilities and can deal with more individuals. Europe is considered in the lowest birth rate countries and their populace is diminishing gradually. The vast majority of the individuals in Europe even don’t wed on the grounds that they need to live openly on the planet with no unsettling influence. As children are the blessings of God however numerous individuals have no religion and they carry on with their entire existence with no family and infants.

Top 10 Lowest Birth Rate Countries in the World

Rank Country Name Birth Rate
1  Monaco  6.73
2  Hong Kong  7.62
3  Saint Pierre and Miquelon  7.81
4  Singapore  7.95
5  Japan  8.31
6  South Korea  8.36
7  Germany  8.40
8  Czech Republic  8.59
9  Taiwan  8.65
10  Slovenia  8.69
78  United States of America  13.74

Q: Which country has the lowest birth rate in the world?

Monaco has the 1st rank in lowest birth rate countries. It is very small country located in Europe with population of 37,831 according to World Bank in 2013. Its currency is Euro and language is French. Country with lowest population growth rate in the world leads to low youth level.

monaco birth rate


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