Top ten highest Quality of Life Countries


quality of life countriesLife quality is measured from the people living assumes that how are they getting enjoyments out of. Highest quality of life countries have high salary and style. Developed and rich nations are giving resources to individuals to enjoy their lives and they have the long lives. But numerous nations have no resources and individuals are treating like creatures to get necessities to survive. Life is a gift which never returns back to their past. People do good deeds and wants to return back from the authorities. But if the government do not give them the necessities of life they choose the wrong side of existence. That wrong side finishes the importance of living in an individuals mind. Living sense comes from the sense of humor and national support. Numerous associations measure the people nature of a country through diverse departments. Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development which measured the different countries in many departments.

Measurements of life

  • Residential Places or Shelter
  • Environment
  • Relationships and Security
  • Equal rights
  • Medical and Education system
  • Jobs and Services

More individuals move toward the cheerfully living nations and they take preferences from these people on the grounds that they offer nationality to those individuals which are specialists in particular fields. It assume a fundamental part to development and progress of a nation. Now refugees are moving from the least quality of life countries to peaceful nations to have their rights. See the table to know best country to live in the world.

Top ten highest Quality of Life Countries in the World

Rank Country Name Score
1  Switzerland  8.30
2  Australia  8.17
3  Norway  8.12
4  Sweden  8.06
5  Denmark  8.04
6  Singapore  8.02
7  New Zealand  7.98
8  Netherlands  7.95
9  Canada  7.86
10  Hong Kong  7.83

Q: Which is the highest quality of life country in the world?

Switzerland has the most Quality of life when contrasted with different nations because of best living style, homes, neighborly individuals, high salary assets, clean air, best healing facilities and work offices. There are no strikes, impacts, human issue, awful individuals and government issues. Peaceful environment in the society creates the best leaders, thinkers and inventors as the Switzerland is coming through.


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