Top 10 highest Birth Rate Countries in the World


highest birth rate in the worldPeople are getting married and have facilities to give the kids appropriately in the current universe of innovation. Children are the gifts given by the God. But more and more people make the populace bomb which is uncontrollable. Rich individuals can oversee even a highest birth rate. However, in the old ages when there were no advancements like medicine the majority of the people were died because of poor facilities of life. Presently numerous countries are very much developed and have all the new assets expected to people. But numerous poor nations have nothing. They even don’t have sustenance to eat. In these nations births proportion is the primary thing which expands the populace. It must be controlled in numerous nations where it is high. List of world birth rate by country is mentioned in this article.

Reasons of highest birth rate in the world

  1. Low Educational and Knowledge level
  2. No family planning centers
  3. Lack of Technologies and Resources
  4. Under Poverty line people

Low population growth rate countries are currently educated and very much grown when contrasted with over populated. On the off chance if they utilize their people legitimately then they touch the tops of advancement on the planet like now China is doing. There are numerous nations where the conception proportion is low, so they need to increment. All European nations are attempting to build their populace yet China is diminishing the populace by power. There are numerous systems to discover the births in a nation. We partition the Total number of births per 1000 individuals and get the rate of conception in one year.

Top 10 highest Birth Rate Countries in the World

Rank Country Name Births/1000 population
1  Niger  46.20
2  Mali  45.39
3  Uganda  44.23
4  Zambia  42.73
5  Burkina Faso  42.54
6  Burundi  42.21
7  Malawi  41.77
8  Somalia  40.49
9  Angola  38.75
10  Afghanistan  38.21
150  United States of America 12.87

Q: Which is the highest birth rate country in the world?

Niger has the 1st rank in the list of highest birth rate countries as per most recent redesign made in 2014. Niger has the 46.12 babies increment from per 1000 populace in every year. Niger is situated in mainland Africa in desert with 1,270,000 kilometers square of area zone. Its capital is Niamey and dialect is French. In 2000 its populace was 11 million and conception for every ladies was 7.72. Because of high proportion of births its populace expanded to 17.83 million in 2013 as per the World Bank. Presently the conception rate is practically same and populace is as yet expanding rapidly.

highest birth rate countries


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