Which Country has first Sunrise in the World


It is very difficult and confusing to know which country has the first sunrise because the earth is always rotating himself and around the sun. The solar system has uncountable stars which are difficult to measure. Sun is the most known and important star in the solar system. Day and night occur in the rotation of the earth around the sun.

Sun provides energy of light, first sunrise place in the world is depending upon to time standards of the world. Solar plants also produce energy with the help of hot raises. Almost all the stars are spherical and earth is one of them which gave the birth to the living beings.

All the planets except earth have no living conditions for humans, animals, and plants. Sun has the magnetic attraction which does not let the other planets to go away from rotation. Its diameter is 110 times bigger than earth. No human beings can even go near to sun as it is the land of volcanoes. Hydrogen and helium mostly consist chemical elements in the sun.

Benefits of watching the sunrise

  • Source of Vitamin D
  • Recharges the body
  • Prevention of diseases
  • Delightful joy
  • Splendid spirit

New Year and Christmas celebrations highly dependent on the standard time to celebrate the events. People wait on first place to see sunrise to salute special events. Everyday earth rotates in new direction and sun has not the fixed country to rise but it looks like coming from the eastern side and New Zealand comes first in the map on the eastern side of the world. Some say Japan has the first sunrise in the world.

List of Top 10 Countries where the sun rises first in the world

Rank Country Name Time Zone
1  New Zealand  UTC+13:45
2  Fiji  UTC+13
3  Tonga  UTC+13
4  Russia  UTC+12
5  Australia  UTC+11
6  Papua New Guinea  UTC+10
7  Japan  UTC+09
8  South Korea  UTC+09
9  Indonesia  UTC+09
10  North Korea  UTC+08:30

Q: Which Country has the first Sunrise in the World?

According to the time standards and Greenwich which is the Royal Observatory situated in London observed that New Zealand is the only one country in the world where the sun rises first. It is the easternmost country in the world and comes first in the range of light to start a new day.

East Cape in North Island in New Zealand is the Eastermost place which takes the sun rises first in the world. It’s a beautiful beach point which gives a beautiful sun view to watch. Mount Hikurangi in North Island is one of the highest mountains which has the title of striking the first sunrise in the world due to its height and location which is near to the East Cape.

There are many other eastern places which may sometime receive the first place to see sunrise than Mount Hikurangi because the earth is rotating all the time. But Department of conservation in New Zealand proved and admitted that it is the only country where the sun rises first in the world. In the New Year day, it remains the best place to visit.

Show the map to see where does the sun rise first in the world

first sunrise in new zealand


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