Top ten most Poorest countries in the World


most poorest countries in the worldLarge number of people have very low income as they even don’t afford to have the basic needs e.g. food and shelter. Most poorest countries in the world has the alarming situation for the human rights. That is the divided world and humans are classified in distinctive positions. 50% of the world assets are utilized by the wealthiest 1 billion individuals on the planet and other half are utilized by the remaining 6 billion. Infect there is nothing for the 4 billion people from 7. Countries living in poverty are facing neediness. In these highest poverty rate countries, the greater part of the persons win 2 dollars for each day which is nothing in that cutting edge time of science and innovation where costs are touching the sky. Presently here we are letting you know about poorest nations. List of world’s most poorest countries is also maintained in this article. Human Development Index is the department who calculate the highest poverty rate in the world by measuring different things.

How to measure poor countries?

  • Longevity (Life Time)
  • Education and Knowledge level
  • Resources distribution and use
  • Access to food and shelter

The countries living in poverty even don’t have the essential needs of life which are nourishment, garments and shelter. There are not any assets gave by government to take employments and acquire cash. Jobs are difficult to find due to unavailability. They rely upon farming however no cutting edge methods for cultivating agricultural products. They invest much energy and exertion however results and advantages points are less.

Top ten most Poorest countries in the World

Rank Country Name GDP $ per capita
1  Congo  435
2  Burundi  631
3  Somalia  647
4  Zimbabwe  683
5  Central African Republic  753
6  Liberia  791
7  Niger  836
8  Malawi  963
9  Madagascar  1046
10  Afghanistan  1083

Q: Which is the poorest country in the world?

Congo has the first rank in the list of world’s most poorest countries. Its GDP is 400$ per capita. They have no resources to avail to earn money and live a better life like other countries in the world. Education and Employment rates are extremely low. Burundi, Somalia and Zimbabwe are also in the extreme poverty.

most poorest countries


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