Top ten Lemon Producing Countries in the World


lemon producing countries worldwideLemon is a citrus product of tree that stays inexperienced in every season and its plant appears like orange tree. Fruit product is additionally like orange however little in size. Natural fruit color is yellow and for the most part highest lemon producing countries are from Asia and America. World lemon production is made in the complete year however the best season is summer to plant trees. Tree produces numerous white blossoms which supplies the common item. Lemon fruit product has Citric acid, Potassium, Vitamins and Nutrition that have bewildering sharp and sour taste. These generally utilized by India and Pakistan in step by step routine with lunch and dinner. There are various things which are vulnerable to various people and lemon is one of them in view of high rate of Citric destructive. Continuously utilize the juice blended with water. It is furthermore perilous for teeth. Citrus extract can hurt the surface of teeth and skin of face. People which are touchy don’t use the Citrus natural product. Highest lemon producing countries are also the biggest citrus producers.

Uses of lemon production

  • Big source of citric acid
  • Industrial use
  • Making medicines
  • Home use with meal

It is brimming with vitamin C utilized for antibacterial, knee issues, frosty, juice, face skin, against maturing, long hair and in diverse kind of dishes of meat and chicken. It is moreover utilized as a part of the medicines. Citrus acid is extremely valuable for the individuals. Production of citric acid leads to the largest lemon producer in the world. Its juice is utilized to cure the injuries, throat issues and high fever. It is additionally utilized for cleaning the things as a part of kitchen. The juice of lemon tackles and cures the absorption issue, weight reduction, asthma infection, psychological wellness, skin dull spots, dandruff, vision and pimple inflammation. Lemongrass  tea is likewise useful to cure illnesses. It is likewise utilized for processing digesting system, weight reduction and icy climate. A list of world lemon production is listed by us to show you the production level by country.

Top 10 highest Lemon Producing Countries in the world

Rank Country Name Production in Tonnes
1  India  2,650,000
2  Mexico  1,900,000
3  Argentina  1,115,000
4  China  1,100,000
5  Brazil  1,050,000
6  USA  850,200
7  Turkey  793,600
8  Iran  712,600
9  Spain  585,500
10  Italy  530,000
Total  World  13,000,000

Q: Which is the highest lemon producer country in the World?

India has the top rank in the list of lemon producing countries as agribusiness is the primary wellspring of income in India. Gardens are made in the substantial for higher production. The vast majority grow at their homes for fresh utilize.

lemon producing countries in the world


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