Top ten largest Arms Exporting Countries in the World


largest Arms Exporting CountriesArm industry have a large scale business in the world. Advance equipment, machines, weapons, air strike and tanks are main production of arm industry. Biggest arms exporting nations are getting much wealth as it is the most demanding business. These arm are sold to other countries in high amount. Defense is the important factor to utilize the advance weapons. Arm producing industries are made for own military power. But that technology has the high demand in the world which sold in high amounts of dollar. Developing countries buy weapons from modern technological nations with high amounts. After the World Wars weapons and equipment business have spread all over the world. Companies are manufacturing the advance equipment which are highly paid to purchase. Guns, missile, choppers and aircrafts are the most demanding products of the world. Army need thousands of the equipment during operations and wars which are being made in the industries to sell. Land, aerospace and navel military sectors products are made as per their demand.  List of top largest arms exporting countries in the world are available in the table.

Largest weapons manufacturing companies

  • Lockheed Martin
  • Boeing
  • BAE Systems
  • Raytheon

Guns and shells had a big industry during the World Wars. These wars totally destroyed the society. Now it is the age of Nuclear weapons which are restricted to some countries. But these nations are contracting with other nations with high amounts. Wars between different nations are appreciated by the arms exporting countries and companies. That development is badly harming the humanity as these weapons are used to occupy free humans or kill them.

Top ten largest Arms Exporting Countries in the World

Rank Country Name Million US $
1  United States of America  10198.23
2  Russia  5976.84
3  China  1981.57
4  France  1221.35
5  Germany  1141.73
6  United Kingdom  1094.46
7  Israel  1087.52
8  Spain  831.82
9  Italy  793.27
10  Ukraine  678.48

Q: Which is the largest arms exporting country in the world?

United States of America has the first rank in the list of arms exporting countries. They produce heavy and latest technology weapons. Arms producing companies in United States have the best quality to sell other nations. US arm business has widely increase their economy.

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