Top 10 worst Child Labor Countries


worst child labor countriesThe term worst child labor is defined as “Bound the children harshly in work activities which cause unhealthy for them”. Children are bound to be work. They remain for away from their childhood enjoyments. Businessman and industrialists mostly hire the youngsters. They seem to be beneficial as they give less wages to children. Children often got beaten by supervisor to work fast. That behavior toward the children is harmful for their mental health and future. Most important thing that cause unfavorable for youngsters is that they cannot study in schools for better future. They remain in labor for lifetime under the rule of businessman. In worst child labor countries, children are taken from the families by industrialists to work for them in industries. Every country has their unique story about worst child labor. Although Pakistan is not included in list of top ten countries but there are some stories. Brick kilns have the worst child labor in Pakistan. Families are paying their debt by making the bricks on daily basis. Now they cannot leave that because they are under high amounts to pay. They cannot pay the debt and remain laborer for lifetime. Workshops in mega cities are also using children to work in less pay. Highest child labor countries are given here to analyze the situation in the world.

Top 10 worst Child Labor Countries in the World

Rank Country Name Percentage
1  Bhutan  51.34
2  Mali  50.12
3  Burundi  45.74
4  Uganda  42.81
5  Niger  42.54
6  Burkina  42.23
7  Ethiopia  40.78
8  Nepal  40.63
9  Rwanda  39.69
10  Kenya  39.48

Q: What country has the highest child labor rate in the world?

Bhutan has the highest child labor rate in the world. There are more than 50 percent of children involved in hardship working. Their age is between 10 to 16. These more than 50 percent youngsters have not attended the school or they were taken out for working. Human rights departments are aware of that situation but no such actions are made to remove that situation. National government has now made some laws for children to keep them away from working and send them to school for learning.


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