Top 10 Vegetable Oil consumption per capita by Country


vegetable oil consumption in the worldVegetable oil is extracted from seeds of plants. Vegetable plants are the best and high source of oil extraction in the world.  Canola and soybean are the most used agricultural products that gives large output to get the lubricant. Pressing the basic tactic used in the industrial processing. Modern industrial processes are also operate around that basic concept. Vegetable oil is the most beneficial for consuming on large scale. As consumption rate increase, production crazy also increase due to its high demand but it also increase the purchasing budget. It is mostly consumed for home cooking and food industry products. Animals take a large part of that to grow their productivity in meat and milk. Before 19th century, vegetable oil consumption rate was very low because it was a fat creating product. But after that new chemical method introduced by different industries that gave fatless products using that lubricant. That invention raised the consumption rate in the global market. But many people still don’t use that for cooking. They think that it is still the fat causing product. In fact, they are somehow right, because without proper processing it is harmful for health. But if people use proper processed liquids, then it is highly beneficial for them.

Top 10 Vegetable Oil consumption per capita by Country

Rank Country Name Consumption kg/person/year
1  China  30.04
2  India  16.95
3  United States  13.17
4  Indonesia  8.96
5  Brazil  6.46
6  Malaysia  4.81
7  Pakistan  3.69
8  Argentina  3.62
9  Russia  3.27
10  Mexico  2.34

Q: Which country has largest vegetable oil consumption in the world?

China is the largest vegetable oil consuming country in the world. Vegetables are the most proffered cooking product in China. As per high vegetable production, industries also process to get the oil. That is consumed on large scale due to its proper processing in the industries. Proper quality of vegetable lubricant does not harm the health of a human. Chinese people are smart and handsome. Their skin and aging is amazing due to their natural eating products. Cooking oil consumption is most popularly used in recipes of China.


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