Top 10 US States with highest Rainfall


US States with highest RainfallRainfall in United States of America has different variations by state. Landscape structure and quality is differently available. Desert and fertile lands are the beauty of that country. Temperature wise some areas are very cold and some are very hot. That climate diversion is due to the rainiest states in the US. Mountain ranges and forests are pretty resourceful. Rain water make the form of river from mountain ranges which flow toward the low areas. Water is the most important resources of the world. That water can be stored to be used later. Highest rainfall states in US have constructed the dams to store that water. Hydro plants often maintained to produce the electricity which is the main advantage of storing water. Rivers are often converted into small canals for agriculture. US have the strong agriculture system due to its proper management of water. Agriculture is fully dependent upon the rains and the rivers. List of US states with highest rainfall is mentioned in this article.

Heaviest rainfall in United States problems

  • Transportation
  • Flooding the land
  • Destruction of Roads and homes
  • Heavy storms
  • People injuries and deaths

Rainfall gives prosperity and creates perfect environment for living. But highest amount of rainfall in United States had disturbed over time in past years. Floods had damaged many constructions as they flowed toward the cities. These floods also caused injuries and deaths of many people. Compared to other nations United States have the best water management system. But highest average rainfall in United States cause the most alarming trouble.

Top 10 US States with highest Rainfall

Rank State Name Average Annual Rainfall (mm)
1  Hawaii  1,617
2  Louisiana  1,529
3  Mississippi  1,500
4  Alabama  1,482
5  Florida  1,383
6  Tennessee  1,378
7  Georgia  1,287
8  Arkansas  1,284
9  Connecticut  1,281
10  North Carolina  1,280

Q: Which is the highest rainfall state in US?

Hawaii is the highest rainfall state in United States of America. Cold breeze from sea make the perfect environment. People from the whole world come to visit that place. Beaches and resorts are the main attractions of the visitors. Rainfalls appears to be very fast. Permanent citizens face many problems but visitors love to visit. Highest rainfalls are the main focusing point of that place which created the best environment for enjoyment.

US States with highest Rainfall 2


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