Top 10 US Cities with the most Skyscrapers


us cities with the most skyscrapersSkyscrapers are the towering buildings having over 40 floors. List of US cities with the most skyscrapers is available in the article. These skyscrapers in United States are suitable or good enough to live in for people. A building is called skyscraper when its height is more than 150 meters. Now United States of America is building super tall and mega tall constructions. These are the best solution to handle the populated area, save the money and the earth space. There are some places where the earth value is so high and you will not find a large space for construction. You need to construct buildings with large amount of floors and rooms to control people. These US cities with the most skyscrapers are famous for offices. These super tall constructions are made with strong metals. Iron bar, rod and sheets are used for these mega establishments. Flexibility is the main thing to reduce bad actions of storms and winds on the building. That flexibility is developed with iron or steel springs which reduce bad effects. Many of the early construction in United States of America were damaged with natural disasters due to no flexibility. In modern US, pumping technology is used for water supply. Elevators and stairs are used by the people to go up and downward. These super tall building are usually used for office work and commercial. Richest businessman, actor and leader prefer these places to reside. List of US cities with the most skyscrapers is maintained in this post.

History of tallest skyscraper in United States

  • Equitable Life Building
  • Auditorium Building
  • New York World Building
  • Life insurance building

In the old ages 5 story building were the highest to approach. Elevators were not available to reach upward. Stairs were used for climbing on next floors. Water supply was also problem due to unavailability of pumping system. The Giza Pyramids were the tallest buildings in the ancient ages. These were built for the kings. All other old age buildings except Giza pyramids were destroyed or toppled with natural disasters due to weak architectural design and material. In the mid of 18th century, elevator was developed for easy floor exchanging. Before that construction were built with stone and wood but in 18th century steel sheets and rods were used to stand tall buildings. Latest buildings are established with concrete, iron and steel. Glass is used for more attraction. Burj Khalifa is the tallest building at that time in the world. Elevators and pumping systems are used for better facilitation for people. Flexibility is produced with iron or steel springs to reduce disasters effects.

Top 10 US Cities with the most Skyscrapers

Rank City Name Skyscrapers
1  New York City  242
2  Chicago  121
3  Houston  36
4  Miami  33
5  Los Angeles  24
6  San Francisco  23
7  Dallas  22
8  Boston  20
9  Atlanta  18
10  Las Vegas  16

Q: What city has the most skyscrapers in the United States?

New York City has the 1st rank in the list of US cities with the most skyscrapers. It is the most populated city of United States. It has the highest number of buildings for people to handle live. Offices and other different companies are  also established on high skyscrapers. Fashion industry in United States has a large scale. These industries have high floors on building. City has high class offices, hotels and other buildings to support large population.


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