Top 10 Best Universities of the World


best universitiesUniversity is the higher level learning point where all the boys and girls study together. Best universities provide advance research in different fields and provide honorable degrees. It provides the facilities of teaching to the mastermind people. There are many different subjects to study, and there are Bachelor and Master. They learn how to discover new things, how to cure the people of different diseases, how to fly in the air and how to live here with peace. It gives the knowledge of all technologies and social contracts. It makes the people humans and rulers. The word university means “the company of teachers and scholars”. Now at the present Time, India has the most Universities in the world about 8407 and USA 5758. But the United States of America United Kingdom have many top rank universities. South Korea has the best education system and Canada is the most educated country in the world compare to other countries. List of world university rankings by country is mentioned in this section.

Oldest universities in the world

  • Bologna Iniversity
  • Oxford
  • Salamanca
  • University of Paris

Before the age of knowledge people were living like animals, and they had nothing as they now have. The first university, Bologna became the learning point in the world situated in Italy around 1088, in the Holy Roman Empire, now the current position is Bologna, Italy. After that, all the European countries build many universities. World university rankings came into competition for the first time as Europe constructed many institution for learning. United Kingdom constructed the 2nd learning institution in history, named as Oxford in 1096. It was the first English institution made in Kingdom of England. After that Cambridge in UK and Salamanca in Spain were founded. After that Italy made many universities like University of Padua, Naples, and Siena. Italy was the first country who invented the platform of top universities in the world and other countries followed them and build their own.

Top 10 Best Universities for Education in the World

Rank University Name Country Name
1  California Institute of Technology  USA
2  Oxford  UK
3  Cambridge  UK
4  Harvard  USA
5  California, Berkeley  USA
6  Massachusetts Institute of Technology  USA
7  Stanford  USA
8  Imperial College London  UK
9  Princeton  USA
10  Chicago  USA 

Q: Which is the best university for education in the world?

California Institute of Technology has the first rank in the list of best universities in the world. It is the public higher education system institution, where about 236,691 students study. It has ten campuses and the first campus was established in 1868. All the campuses have all most all departments of study. US have many top universities in the world and rank at 1st.


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