Top 10 Natural Gas Producing Countries in the World


Natural Gas is the most important fluid that is used at the daily basis in the whole world. It makes the life easy than the older ages when there was nothing. It is used in our many life resources like Cooking dishes in kitchens, transportation and factories etc. Firstly Natural gas contains many fluids which should be separated from that. To get the pure form, engineers pas the gas through pipelines for purification. Then all the fluids separated from others. But still the process is not completed. Gas processing plant makes the perfect form of it for cooking and transportation use. Plant is the network of pipelines which are small or large. Gas Plant perform many tasks to get the natural gas. Firstly plant pipelines separate the oil. Water is also a damaging material in it, so it must be eliminate. There are many other liquids that are unnecessary should be separated. These plant pipelines also get rid of Carbon dioxide and Sulfur which are unneeded.

Top 10 Natural Gas Producing Countries in the World

Rank Country Name Annual Production
1  Russia  681,853,583,963
2  USA  675,487,763,596
3  Iran  166,795,143,943
4  Canada  145,890,658,528
5  Qatar  134,830,640,954
6  Norway  117,767,841,493
7  China  109,794,365,942
8  Saudi Arabia  104,244,127,646
9  Algeria  83,760,672,582
10  Netherlands  81,780,649,963

Q: Which is the largest natural gas producer country in the world?

Russia is the biggest producer of gas in the world. They have much reserve to produce. They need much gas due to large quantity of people, transportation and factories.


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