Top 10 most powerful Passports Country in the World


most powerful passportsPassport is an official paper provided by the country to travel other countries. Identity and address is mentioned on the passport issued with some rules. Most powerful passports are offered by most developed and peaceful nations. That document offers the special protection from the state to their citizen’s foreign tours. Now electronic chips are being introduced which are readable by machines. Passport has the limited time to visit foreign nations with respect to time limit. Developed and advance nations have most powerful passports than developing nation’s visa. Most of the passports have large range of international tour with single official paper. European passports are allowing to visit almost whole the world. Buy European country passport and you can visit whole the world under the protection of that country. But poor and violence nations have no reach to others freely. They need to purchase another visa to visit the others countries.

Types of passports

  • Regular
  • Official
  • Diplomatic
  • Special
  • Pilgrims
  • Temporary

Travel documents are also made by different states to visit other nations. These are not official as like passports organized by a country. Territories which are not declared as country usually organize travel documents. Many countries have different classes for the people in the society as in UK. So, they offer as per class. Upper class people can buy special and most powerful passports. Some territories make visa under control of other country. China offer visas to Hong Kong and Monaco of other countries under their protection.

Top 10 most powerful Passports Country in the World

Rank Country Name Visa Free Countries
1  Germany  160
2  Sweden  159
3  Finland  159
4  France  159
5  Spain  158
6  Switzerland  158
7  South Korea  157
8  Netherlands  157
9  Italy  157
10  United Kingdom  157
11  Belgium  157
12  Denmark  157
13  United States of America  156
14  Singapore  156
15  Luxembourg  156
16  Austria  156
17  Portugal  155
18  Norway  155
19  Greece  155
20  Ireland  155

Q: Which country has the most powerful passports in the world?

Germany has the most powerful passports in the world. Other countries are happily allowing German passport holders to visit. People can visit almost 160 countries on the base of single country protection. German passports have the highest value to other nations. They have the strict policy to apply and only serious persons can get the response. Germany is well developed and peaceful country having good relations with other countries.

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