Top 10 most Industrialized Countries in the World


most industrialized countries in the worldIn beginning of the 18 century industrial revolution takes place. Which is started in Britain for the first time. Britain is now the United Kingdom. Most industrialized countries in the world had a famous history of engineering and scientists. Before that revolution the main occupation was agriculture to survive on the earth. But after the industrial revolution humans changed their life style and population growth increased. People developed new technologies and inventions. Trade got a good impact through production and vehicle invention. Thousands of kilometers of roads, railway tracks and canals were built for transport to trade. Now most industrialized countries in the world have highest export of goods, technology, machinery and arms. As people migrate from rural areas most advanced cities developed. British people used to crop vegetables and cereals to feed but now their cities are running various mills and factories. The turn of industrial revolution in Britain had made them the biggest ruler on earth in 18th century. They occupied many countries and get resources to run their industries.

Different Types of Industry

  • Primary Industrial Structure
  • Manufactural Industrial Structure
  • Services Industrial Structure
  • Quaternary Industrial Structure

British were using wood to produce energy. It produce less energy with high amount. And trees were also important for them. So they wanted to get new source of energy. As Europe has big ranges of greenery and mountains. They found coal the new source of energy. That coal produce more energy than wood. Coal was transferred to industries, mill and factories by roadways and watercrafts within the kingdom.

Top 10 most industrialized countries in the world

Rank Country Name Billions in USD
1  China  4, 943
2  United States of America  4,164
3  Japan  3,756
4  Germany  1,089
5  United Kingdom  1,056
6  India  601
7  South Korea  563
8  Brazil  561
9  Canada  500
10  France  459

Q: Which is the most industrialized country in the world?

China is the most industrialized country in the world. They have large import and export business with other countries on the base of industry. They have largest labor force to work. Employment rates are high due to industry production. People work in factories, mills and companies owned by government and private sectors. Agricultural production let the mills run all the time.

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