Top 10 most Industrial Cities in the World


most industrial cities in the worldMost industrial cities in the world have large business, trade and employment rates. After the industrial revolution people moved to the cities to find work. Cities converted into mega trade centers. In the 18th century scientists sit together and share their ideas to find new inventions. Steam engine was also the invention of that age. Now people visit European countries to see how they are producing large amount of goods in cheap costs. Canals were built in large quantity for transportation of goods to industries. Railway tracks were used to import goods from other nations of the world. On that time British were the heart of industry. They were producing the most coal and oil in the world. That industrial revolution made the history of United Kingdom on a large scale. Most industrial cities in the world are well developed and has a powerful impact.

Main Sectors of Industry

  • Shipbuilding
  • Arm Industry
  • Electronics
  • Vehicle
  • Oil and Gas

City has a main role for country progress and downfall. Most industrial cities in the world are the backbone of their nation’s economy and trade. Coal had a main character to enhance the industrial revolution in the European nations. That was the age of Einstein and many other scientists who developed many inventions. Turbine was developed to enhance the industries production.

Top 10 most Industrial Cities in the World

Rank City Name Country
1  Seoul  South Korea
2  San Paulo  Brazil
3  Mumbai  India
4  Jakarta  Indonesia
5  Karachi  Pakistan
6  Moscow  Russian Federation
7  Istanbul  Turkey
8  Mexico City  Mexico
9  Shanghai  China
10  Tokyo  Japan
11  New York City  United States of America

Q: Which is the largest industrial city in the world?

Seoul is the most industrial city in the world. It is the capital of South Korea. South Korea has the third largest economy in Asia. Seoul has factories, mills, multinational companies and information technology industry which takes it to the 1st rank in industry. They have beat the world in the field of Information Technology. Electronic and machinery have tough completion but Seoul has big export. Now Seoul investors are competing the world in the robotics industry.


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