Top 10 Most Facebook User Country in the World


Facebook is the social networking website for the entire world. Most Facebook user use it to remain in touch with friends from different parts of the world. People can convey to one another in every nation.

There are no nation confinements for talking. Individuals are completely took into account joining with others of distinctive nations. All the people have their records on FB which are secured with extraordinary ID and password. It was first made in 2nd February 2004 in United States of America.

It was one of the greatest creation ever. Presently around then it is the world number 2 most utilized site. Google has the 1st rank. List of highest Facebook using countries in the world is provided in the article for accurate figures.

Facebook User
Facebook User

There are many benefits of Facebook (FB)

  • The real advantage is the sharing of learning to one another. We can post features, records, status and make inquiries to our companions and get replies on it. Pages and Groups are blend of even obscure individuals who have joined that for information posted by the page or gathering chiefs and all the people will get the immaculate data. Most Facebook user join groups to have knowledgeable data from different users on specific topic.
  • Chatting is the most ideal method for correspondence with companions. It is the private correspondence application made by the product engineers. We can impart our insight to associates or converse with our companions or relatives.
  • It is the best approach to stay in contact with companions, educators, cohorts and relatives. We can chat with them and get data. Through FB we can know our companions exercises. It additionally recommend and connect you with your old companions through exceptional arrangements.
  • As we probably am aware it is the greatest communication network so, we know can advance our thoughts and extend our business on Facebook. Site advancement gives you much guests through that system. We can offer and purchase distinctive things from other individuals or can discover individuals to do assignments and ventures for an organization or separately.
  • That is the full stimulation site like entertaining picture and features. Talk with your companions and make jokes. You will never exhausted from the utilization of FB. It has the distinctive mixed bags which can’t take you away. Individuals play diversions, join gathers and get status from the distinctive pages.

Top 10 most Facebook User Country in the World

Rank Country Name Facebook Users
1  United States of America  170,640,000
2  India  65,635,600
3  Brazil  60,487,400
4  Indonesia  54,435,740
5  Mexico  40,820,750
6  Turkey  34,540,360
7  Philippines  34,467,750
8  United Kingdom  33,657,270
9  Germany  27,735,740
10  France  27,438,580

Q: Which is the most Facebook user country in the world?

United States of America has the first rank in the table of most Facebook user country. They have quick web networks. Mobile applications have elevated the FB to the top qualities. These online social networking sites are best for understudies to assemble information and stay in contact with companions and instructors.


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