Top 10 most Advanced Technology Countries in the World


Thinking robotTechnology is the basic need for every country to stand and compete with other nations. Most advanced technology countries have the high competition level in the world in any field. Scientific inventions fulfil the necessities and facilities for the humans to rise. The countries which do not develop ideas as age passes remained far behind the success and innovation. Advanced technology countries never remain at the back. Change is required for every country in the world as time passes. Now distances are covered in short time due to advancement but some countries are still very less resourceful. Communications through mobile and internet are the great inventions of all time which decrease the loneliness. These communications promote the business levels as meetings are held from anywhere on mobile or internet. Industries are also the main departments of advanced technology countries. People need facilities from the government to enjoy their life. Government provide them best advance technologies to take part in the progress of the nation.

Latest Advanced Technology Countries Developments

  • Magic Leap
  • Nano-Architecture
  • Immune Engineering
  • Project Loon
  • Liquid Biopsy
  • Precise Gene editing in Plants
  • Reusable Rockets
  • Brain Organoids
  • Internet of DNA
  • Robots that teach each other

Every country is trying to have the latest technologies to overcome the other nations. Countries are developing the luxurious necessities like IT, space technologies etc. These advancements promote the lifestyle and requirements of society. But it is also hearting many nations. Developing nuclear and most advance weapons and other destruction methods for solid attack is the alarming situation in the world. We commit that these are advanced technology countries but using the negative aspect to harm the humanity is alarming for poor countries. We have examples of WW1 and WW2 which have totally destroyed the world peace.

Top 10 most Advanced Technology Countries in the World

Rank Country Name Capital Index
1  USA  Washington, D.C.  88.54
2  Japan  Tokyo  79.38
3  Germany  Berlin  78.63
4  South Korea  Seoul  76.91
5  Finland  Helsinki  76.64
6  Russia  Moscow  76.29
7  China  Beijing  75.42
8  UK  London  73.86
9  France  Paris  73.61
10  Canada  Ottawa  73.59

Q: Which is the most advanced technology country in the world?

USA has the 1st rank in the list of most advanced technology countries in the world as per inventions, facilities, defense and other things of measure. United States of America has discovered the internet which was the start of IT. They have the best space shuttle programs as they have visited moon for the first time in the world in 1969. These all things are the human friendly. But USA has also developed the nuclear weapons to destroy the enemies and occupy the lands. World Wars had a great experience with USA power upon other countries.

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