Top 10 Least Peaceful Countries in the World


least peaceful countryPeace is not the name of the person or specific place. It’s a situation that the community hold. Least peaceful countries are facing much troubles from inside and external powers. Peace is the sign of equality and justice in a nation. It is a natural necessity for the propagation and Progress of the humanity. Tranquility in a community depends on the political system that is running in that society. If the system is strong the society will be peaceful. God send a lot of messengers to guide people to make their community peaceful. Bad system in a nation badly effect on peace. All the countries which have less stable system are least peaceful. Global Peace Index is the calculation of countries with respect to peace in the society. To measure the peace of a nation, organization have the authority board. Internal and external are the two parameters of a nation. National roughness belongs to internal affairs and wars with other nations belongs to external conflicts. List of least peaceful countries in the world is stated in this article.

Peace measurements

  • Safety and Security
  • Justice and equality
  • National and International Actions
  • Military conflict and roughness
  • Violence and civil conflicts

Unpleasant environment take the nation in least peaceful countries. Its major causes are Religion, nationalism, inequality in the society. A United Nations is a Major institute working in the world for peace. There are many Parties in different countries which have a system to make peace in their country. Some parties accomplish their task which have the equality based system which can promote tranquility and solve the problems of people.

Top 10 Least Peaceful Countries in the World

Rank Country Name Score
1  Iraq  3.740
2  Afghanistan  3.537
3  Democratic Republic of Congo  3.413
4  Syria  3.356
5  Sudan  3.398
6  Somalia  3.335
7  Central African Republic  3.368
8  Libya  3.246
9  North Korea  3.176
10  Pakistan  3.135

Q: Which is the least peaceful country in the world?

Iraq has the first rank in the table of least peaceful countries according to the Global Peace Index. It is an elementary element for the development of the Humanity. Iraq is in the situation of war at that time with different communities based on religious and politics. Afghanistan is also a state of Taliban which is heavily disturbed with war and politics.

least peaceful countries


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