Top 10 largest Wool Producing Countries in the World


wool producing countriesWool is a fiber product acquired from animals. Sheep is the big source of wool production in the world. Fleece is removed annually and processed in the industries. Largest wool producing countries in the world have large animal farms. Other animals have low source to get the high production. Quality of fleece products depends on the animals. Marino sheep produce the best fleece. As per quality these are sold in the market. It is used to make clothes for wearing. Pure wool is very warm and soft. After getting the fleece then it is send to textile mills to make clothes. It is further processed in textiles industries to make the readymade garments. More than 60 percent of raw is processed in textiles mills for clothes and garments. Other fiber products are also brought in the textile industries but sheep wool is used to make the best products. It feels normal to wear. Australia and New Zealand are known for their best quality in woolen products. Milk and meat are also the big resource to earn money. Sheep further give births to babies which can be spread to a large amount. List of wool production by country is maintained in this post.

Wool production in the world

  • Sheep are groomed in fields
  • Shearing process
  • Scouring in the mills
  • Industrial productions

Wool has expensive market worldwide. Raw form is purchased by the industries in low price. After the scouring process, it become the neat and clean. Now that can be sold expensively to textile mills. Textile mills make original woolen clothes and garments to be sold in shopping malls. Wool producing countries have best winter and summer wears. Customers have the approach these products in the markets and shopping malls. They sell their products in high rates due to its uniqueness among other fibers. Australia is the biggest exporter of sheep fleece to other nations. That demand is due to their quality and appreciation of production.

Top 10 largest Wool Producing Countries in the World

Rank Country Name Production (Metric tons)
1  China  401,500
2  Australia  363,350
3  New Zealand  166,670
4  United Kingdom  69,200
5  Iran  62,400
6  Morocco  56,730
7  Sudan  56,240
8  Russia  56,300
9  Argentina  55,500
10  India  46,700

Q: Which country is the largest wool producer in the world?

China is the largest wool production by country in the world. They have large lands for sheep to hold and eat the grass. Before that Australia had the first rank in list of wool producing countries. But the production in Australia eventually decreased. The biggest economic growing country take over the production rate. China has more sheep farms to get the fleece. But as per quality Australia never be beaten because Marino sheep gives the best fleece to process.


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