Top 10 largest Sugarcane Producer Country


largest Sugarcane Producer in the world

Sugarcane is the tropical grass from the high temperature countries. As the name “Sugarcane” describes that cane of sugar. It’s a tall grass with hard bole. That bole is the source to extract the sugar. Other parts of that bole are used as fuel in industries. Largest sugarcane producer countries belongs to warm climate areas. Warm places are the best conditions to cultivate. They need high temperature to grow. But as per getting high production rates, water is highly needed appreciated. Water is the basic and most needed element for sugarcane production in the world. Its grass remain for couple of years. It means that farmers only cultivate one time and then harvest more than one time. Mills and industries are working to get the raw sugarcane. Processing them from multiple methods to extract the liquid. That sugarcane liquid is further used to make food products in food industry. Sugar is the most demandable product on the planet. It is used for cooking on large scale. Sugarcane inherits the sugar. Its industry expanded their popularity by getting the sugar as the most usable product in the world. History shows that the trade from the India, Pakistan and Bangladesh during the subcontinent era promoted the new spice in the world. List of sugarcane production by country is here in table to show you the complete figures.

Top 10 largest Sugarcane Producer Country in the World

Rank Country Name Thousand Metric tons
1  Brazil  741,381
2  India  342,752
3  China  156,936
4  Thailand  101,462
5  Pakistan  63,324
6  Mexico  61,825
7  Colombia  35,648
8  Indonesia  34,725
9  Philippines  31,496
10  United States  28,482

Q: Which is the largest sugar producing country in the world?

Brazil has the highest sugarcane production by country in the world. Here, cane ethanol is availed by people to fuel the vehicles. Economy is highly dependent on sugar production in Brazil. Exporting their products to other countries boost the economy and progress of the nation. Sugarcane is not just source of sugar but it is also used to make alcohol products in Brazil. 


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