Top 10 largest Soybean Producer Country


largest soybean producer in the worldSoybeans are grown for its health beneficial advantages and high use. These beans are rich with protein. Largest soybean producer countries are mainly from american continents, as people took the most advantages. It supports multiple soil to grow. Climate is also not unique to grow. Mainly soybean are yellow but as it is produced in every country, so black and brown color soybeans are also cultivated. These are the highest protein plant when we compare with other crops. Soybeans are processed to preserve them for future. Freezing the beans can hold them fresh for long time. Agricultural products have great influence in cooking. As, a big part of soybean production is used for cooking in daily home recipes. Food industry has new taste and spice as they used that agricultural product in food recipes. A large part of soybean production in the world led to extract the oil. Soybean meal which remains after the extraction of oil is fed to animals. Animals gain health and improve their milk ratio as they eat high protein meal. Soybeans are explained differently as per their advantages and drawbacks. Raw eating can cause illness or disturbance in health. But cooking them on fire prevents the poisoned elements. Proper cooked meal is good for health and distract the diseases. World soybean production by country is shown in table.

Top 10 largest Soybean Producer Country in the World

Rank Country Name Million Tonnes
1  United States  103.67
2  Brazil  103.18
3  Argentina  57.62
4  China  12.74
5  India  12.32
6  Paraguay  9.45
7  Canada  7.23
8  Uruguay  3.54
9  Bolivia  2.86
10  Ukraine  2.34

Q: Which country is the largest producer of soybean in the world?

United States of America is the largest soybean producer country in the world. It is the most cultivated oil seed product in the United States. Until the 20th century, these were only produced in the Asian countries. But once the trade expanded toward the america nations, people vastly moved toward that product.


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