Top 10 largest Rice Producing Country in the World


largest rice producer country 33Rice is a seed cultivated in high water lands. It is the 2nd most produced cereal in the world after maize. This article will show you the largest rice producing country in the world. Asian countries love to eat on daily basis with chicken, vegetable etc. It is utilized by most of the world population. Its plant is grass cultivated with hand in developing countries like Bangladesh. Firstly it is harvested and then dried under the sun. After making the usable form it is moved toward mills for better trade. It has much calories to full the human energy. It can be plant on any place e.g. hills, plane area. Largest rice producing countries need more labor cultivate the seeds. Poor agricultural countries have no access to technology but they have high labor force. Low labor cost and easily access to water countries have the large production. There are many varieties cooked in rice producing country depending upon demand. Some cook with sugar for sweet taste. Wild seeds had not the good taste in the past, but now after advancement in science we are growing variety of seeds with different taste. Latest rice producing country had advance technology to cultivate in better manner for large output. Africa had remained the most ancient rice producing country in history. But after producing in China it spread all over the world. After Asia, rice production had spread toward the Europe and then toward the American countries.

Benefits of rice

  • High in Fiber
  • High in Energy deliver
  • Rich in Selenium
  • Cholesterol Free
  • Healthy for the heart
  • Used to lose weight
  • Cancer Prevention
  • Stable Blood Pressure

All rice producing country are taking these advantages. It is a healthy cereal for human body to grow. Although maize is the largest produced cereal but rice has the most energy supplied to humans. Because a large part of maize is not used for cooking in homes. Coast lands and largest rainfall areas are the best choices for rice producing country. Flooding areas are most friendly as it need high amount of water to grow. Its production heavily heavily dependent on environment situations. In average about 5 tons are produced from on hectare. Egypt had the best farming quality in 2012 as they produced more than 9 tons from single hectare.

Top 10 largest Rice Producing Country in the World

Rank Country Name Million Metric Tonnes
1  China  205.463
2  India  155.682
3  Indonesia  70.593
4  Vietnam  44.503
5  Thailand  37.254
6  Bangladesh  34.683
7  Burma  34.250
8  Philippines  19.832
9  Brazil  14.682
10  Japan  11.573
11  Pakistan  9.935

Q: Which is the largest rice producing country in the world?

China is the largest rice producer country in the world. It produce more than 25 percent of world production. Rice had the character to achieve that high amount of production. Yangtze and yellow river are the major one for agriculture. They flood the land with river to crop the products. These environmental impacts are best for cultivating. China has the high labor force to handle the different processes of production. China is also the highest rice consuming country due to high production level. Egypt and Australia remained the best farming countries due to output per hectare.

largest rice producer country


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