Top 10 largest Police Force Countries in the World


largest police country in the worldPolice is the combination of male and female force used to order the rules for implementation. It is the government department for implementing the laws on the population. Largest police force in the country leads to best administration. Every nation has their own laws and if anyone broke these restrictions then he or she will be punished or locked for specific period of time. Military is used to protect the country from the outsiders and police is used to protect and create peace inside the society. A single administrative department can change the whole country by applying the strict rules to follow which are helpful for people and nation progress. Crime is the most common activity in every country which completely destroy the society. The countries with largest police force overcome these criminals and punish them. It also protect the major personalities which have some danger from his enemies.

Best police force by country terminology

  • Uniformed
  • Detectives
  • Auxiliary
  • Specialized Units
  • Military Police

Terminology of departments varies from nation to nation. But the main objective is to protect the people, catch criminals, investigations and traffic controlling etc. It is categorized with respect to duties. Uniformed department is known for administration and general duties on various tasks. Detectives are investigators which are mostly work on the criminal activities cases. Specialized department has exceptional cases to handle at any emergency time. Highly armed individuals operate during most violating situations. World best police ranking according to strength is mentioned in a table.

Top 10 largest Police Force Countries in the World

Rank Country Name Policeman
1  China  1,623,748
2  India  1,585,539
3  USA  1,226,813
4  Russia  782,947
5  Indonesia  579,793
6  Brazil  478,461
7  Turkey  412,805
8  Mexico  393,417
9  Pakistan  354,143
10  Niageria  350,572

Q: Which country has the largest police force in the world?

China has the biggest police departments in the world as it is highly populated nation. It is much needed department to handle the people. China is also the biggest military nation as it has the most boarders to other countries. Police department is responsible for internal issues. Law implementation and security systems are administrated by that department.

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