Top 10 largest Opium Producing Countries in the World


Opium Producing CountriesOpium is the highly addictive dried milky fluid used as drug. Opium poppy plants are cultivated illegally around the world. Cultivating such drug addictive plants are banned. But many less secure and unsettled areas far away from national authorities grow drugs plants. Opium producing countries are mainly less developed and have poor administration. The story is not yet completed, opium dried form is used to make the heroin. Medical treatments are also made to cure diseases. Illegal drug trade across the borders is transferred by people with high amounts. Drugs production is strictly banned in European countries. Illegal producers supply to European nations after making the pure form to use a drug. European are biggest opium consumer countries. Drug producing countries are usually the biggest smuggling nations. They have strong smuggling connections across the border to trade their goods. Drugs smuggling is the fasted way to become rich. Backward areas in Asia produce drugs plants to get some money due to no employment rates. And Europeans have the luxury lifestyle to purchase drug addicting things. List of largest opium producing countries is maintained in this article.

Opium uses and side effects

  • Drug Addiction
  • Medical Treatments
  • Making Heroin
  • Pain Killer
  • Doze human body

Opium plants were grown in the Mesopotamia. Now it is converted into heroin for better addiction and easy trade in different areas. Silk Road remained the drug trading route. Asia and Europe connected to each other. China was the biggest Opium producer at that time. People were highly drug addicted. Smoking equipment’s were used to addict themselves. Some said that Chinese people will never be get rid of drug addictions. Wars were fought on the base of opium producing countries. But after the Chinese revolution drugs production in China was banned and now it is drug free country. License are also purchased to grow for medical extension.

Top 10 largest Opium Producing Countries in the World

Rank Country Name Cultivated Hectares
1  Afghanistan  223,500
2  Myanmar  55,800
3  Mexico  14,340
4  India  11,800
5  Laos  6,120
6  Pakistan  2,250
7  Colombia  285
8  Iran  95
9  Turkey  90
10  Thailand  80

Q: Which country is the largest producer of opium in the world?

Afghanistan has the first rank in the list of largest opium producing countries in the world. Country is among the least stable nations. Security remained the main thread over the past years. Although drugs production is illegal but opium has the large scale production by common people. Its production is increasing as compared to last years. Smugglers have the upper hand to communicate on borders for trade. Drug farmers in Afghanistan take less amount but trade dealers earn much wealth on the border.

Opium Producing Countries 3


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