Top 10 Largest Oil Importing Countries in the World


Energy is necessary for our life. It is crucial to run the system whether these are machines or living beings. Largest oil importing countries are getting much advantages. People in the future want to live in the modern world of technology and for that they need diesel and petrol for motors to run.

If they have low reserves they import from other nations like world’s biggest oil importers are mentioned in this article. But many country have much reserves. For that many wells are dig with motors.

After heavy work engineers send pipelines into the earth. They pump out the crude with jacks from 3 kilometer depth in earth. They take out the crude shape from the earth. That crude oil was made about 250 thousand year early with animals and sea plants. Then that liquid is sent to the refineries which create the perfect form to use it.

There are many other materials in crude which disturb the motor to run. After refinery, it is tested in the laboratories and then it is sent toward the pump stations through heavy trucks to supply the public. Arab countries have the largest reserves so oil importing countries have good relations with them.

Oil Importing
Oil Importing

Oil reserves in the world

  • Conventional (30%)
  • Sands Bitumen (30%)
  • Extra Heavy (25%)
  • Heavy (15%)

Crude oil is found in different forms of color, which is converted into many forms. Largest oil importers in the world take the crude shape and make many products in refinery. As, Energy is vital to our soul. We use it to construct, power and light our houses. From the beginning of the life humans discovered the energy resources to survive. Then humans developed the machines that needed energy to run. For example petrol and diesel are used to produce energy to run machine engines. Steam engine power was the first invention to produce force. Later heat engines were also developed by the scientists to run machines.

Top 10 largest Oil Importing Countries in the World

Rank Country Name Import BBL/Day
1  USA  8,527,734
2  China  4,754,349
3  India  3,572,845
4  Japan  3,457,386
5  South Korea  2,549,736
6  Germany  1,876,837
7  Italy  1,591,351
8  France  1,298,134
9  Netherlands  1,202,749
10  Singapore  1,137,253

Q: Which is the largest oil importer country in the world?

USA has the 1st rank in the list of largest oil importing countries. Although they are 2nd highest oil producing nation but their consumption level is too much high. They had much resources to take out and then refine it to use. But they have much industries and population to use that petrol and diesel. Military is also the main consumption of oil. Cars are now like bees, they need diesel and petrol to run. They need to import more from Arab nations like Saudi Arabia and Kuwait to fulfill their ambitions.


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