Top 10 largest Oil Exporting Countries in the World


largest Oil Exporting Countries5Oil is the most demanding liquid which is used to start the engines and different types of motors. A list of largest oil exporting countries is given to analyze the richness. Vehicles are running on the roads which consume much fuel. Saudi Royal family is among the richest families in the world. Oil is their main source of income. They aroused from the desert. They had nothing and became the richest. Petroleum is the black gold for the Saudi Royal family. In 1933, Ibn Saud was approached by the California oil company to drill. Arab nations became the largest oil exporting countries when USA made deal with them. He contracted with United States of America with high amounts. USA engineers took out the crude form and refined in their own national industries. That Royal family remained ally of USA all the time till now. Ibn Saud’s exported oil took a big part in World War 2 to enhance the USA power. After the WW2 companies developed in the Saudi Arabia. Saud family received much wealth that they cannot even imagine in the past.

Oil Exporting Countries Methods

  • Road Tankers through borders
  • Sea ships through ports
  • Pipelines with Performance Tracking System
  • Railway Transportation

Large military countries and industrial nations also use a large part of it. Many country produce large amount of petroleum but they are also one the biggest consumers. They firstly transport petroleum in their own nation and then export the extra to other countries. Largest oil exporting countries are mostly from Arab states and Levant. Most of these countries are least peaceful due to external interference. Like Iraq and Syria have the black gold but civil war between different groups supported by different countries destroyed then.

Top 10 largest Oil Exporting Countries in the World

Rank Country Name Exports bb/day
1  Saudi Arabia  6,891,538
2  Russia  4,725,315
3  Iran  2,447,749
4  Iraq  2,393,251
5  Nigeria  2,345,683
6  United Arab Emirates  2,147,807
7  Angola  1,936,364
8  Venezuela  1,648,586
9  Norway  1,625,879
10  Canada  1,583,359

Q: Which is the largest oil exporter country in the world?

Saudi Arabia has the first rank in the list of oil exporting countries. God has gifted them the rich land of demanding liquid. It was the deserted place where no resources were available to survive. But they found the oil and gave permission to American to drill out. They had exported to other countries and earned much wealth. Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries has registered 13 countries to export the oil to other countries. They had the strong relations with each other. OPEC headquarters are situated in Austria.

largest Oil Exporting Countries


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