Top 10 largest Nuclear Power Producing Countries in the World


nuclear power producing countriesNuclear power production is well organized way of producing electricity. Nuclear power producing countries have the best engineers to establish the plant systems. In that method a cooling tower release the cool water which then pass through a structure having nuclear reactor. The function of that reactor is to split the atoms of uranium to produce heat. Then that heat is used to convert the cool water into steam. Now that steam strength rotates the turbines of plant connected to a generator with high speed shaft to produce electricity. That process repeats itself in a loop to rotate the turbines continuously to producer electricity. Fission stations are mostly established by nuclear power producing countries. After that atomic weapons were developed to rule the others. Scientists in Russia, Germany and United States made their experiments to make the atomic bombs. United States used these atomic power bombs in World War 2 and became the victorious. At that time, United States is the super power country having most atomic weapons. List of nuclear power production by country is mentioned in this section of website.

Nuclear power plant components

  • Nuclear reactors
  • Condenser
  • Turbine system
  • Alternator

These are many debates and views about the effects of nuclear plants on humanity and environment. Atomic analysts said that it is safe to produce because it lower the quantity of carbon release. But according to environmental and health departments, atomic emissions cause death causing diseases. These disease are widely spread near the nuclear power plants. Environment remain unhealthy for living. Breathe causing serious disturbances for the humanity.

Top 10 largest Nuclear Power Producing Countries in the World

Rank Country Name Production (GWh)
1  USA  798619.89
2  France  418013.61
3  Russia  169073.27
4  South Korea  149235.83
5  China  123823.57
6  Canada  98593.03
7  Germany  91758.43
8  Ukraine  83124.64
9  Sweden  62275.42
10  United Kingdom  57937.81

Q: Which is the largest nuclear power producing country in the world?

USA is the biggest nuclear power producer country in the world. They have about 100 working reactors. They have the resources to get the uranium and then split it. Many of new plants are under construction and will be soon running. It is the Not-Green process of producing electricity which had a bad reaction on humans and nature atmosphere. These unfriendly activities are claimed to be stopped but no actions are made.


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