Top 10 largest Hydroelectricity Producer Country in the World


largest Hydroelectricity Producer Country 22In Hydro Power Generation systems, power is generated from flowing water i.e. in canals and in rivers. Largest hydroelectricity producer countries have the best natural resources of water flowing. Hydro power production is also possible from sea water but the major problem is the sink which is very difficult to create for sea water. In hydroelectricity production, very large amount of water is stored in dams to increase the head of the water. This water is then made to strike the turbine to rotate them, and turbine then rotates the generator. Capital cost and labor cost is very high. Construction of dams also need a lot of time. Payback period for this method is quite good i.e. less than three years in common for many of these types of projects in the world. Now hydro is generating about 17% of the total electricity among all the methods. Almost all the countries have the rivers to make the dams on it and they are utilizing that resource. Asian countries have the best resource of rivers to build the dams. List of countries by hydroelectricity production is stated in the table.

Hydroelectric power generation dams

  • Three Gorges Dam
  • Syncrude Tailings
  • Chapetón
  • Tarbela Dam

World is dependent on the power generation and electricity is the best power resource. According to production hydroelectricity is one of the best method which is preferred of the most part. It is also the oldest method in the world. World hydroelectricity production need big budget to build the structures on the rivers. Small dams are also build by local people to produce the electricity. These are mostly from the mountain ranges where rivers are flowing all the time.

Top 10 largest Hydroelectricity Producer Country in the World

Rank Country Name Annual (TWh)
1  China  652.846
2  Canada  369.539
3  Brazil  363.304
4  USA  250.916
5  Russia  167.271
6  Norway  140.437
7  India  115.842
8  Venezuela  85.596
9  Japan  69.630
10  Sweden  65.173

Q: Which is the largest hydroelectricity producing country in the world?

China is the largest hydroelectricity producer country in the world. It is one of the most used method for power production. Three Gorges Dam in China is the biggest hydroelectricity producer structure in the world. In Hydro, power is produced through water pressure which is then stored for use. There can be constructed to many dams on single river with some distance to produce more and more energy to overcome the needs.

largest Hydroelectricity Producer Country 11


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