Top 10 largest Exporter of Vegetable Oil


Exporter of Vegetable OilVegetable oil is extracted from plants. These plants are mostly vegetables. Largest exporter of vegetable oil are mostly from Americas and Europe. Vegetables have high sweet liquid and three fatty acids. These fatty acids are the main source of natural oil from vegetables. But high use of fatty acids cause many diseases like stroke. Vegetable oils remain liquid at normal temperature that a human need. And which become solid at normal temperature are called fats. It is mostly extracted from the seeds of the plants. These seeds are rich with fatty acids that are needed to make the liquid. In the mechanical engineering of advance age pressing method is used to take out the liquid from seeds. Many countries have high production rate. They export to other countries and enhance their trade and business. Vegetable oil is labeled in different categories including fats. Palm and soybean oil are the main products which are exported to other countries. Mediterranean Sea area countries have best soils for olive. They trade olive oil to other countries of the world. Highly populated countries like India and China have high production but they cannot export to other countries due to high consumption rates. Most vegetable oil exporting countries are mainly less populated with high production.

Top 10 largest Exporter of Vegetable Oil in the World

Rank Country Name Thousands million USD
1  Argentina  2.76
2  Spain  1.72
3  Brazil  1.31
4  Italy  1.13
5  United States  1.01
6  Netherlands  0.73
7  Germany  0.65
8  Belgium  0.44
9  France  0.43
10  Greece  0.40

Q: Which country is the largest exporter of vegetable oil in the world?

Argentina has top rank in list of vegetable oil exporting countries. Argentina has large land area along the sea. Vegetables are grown in large amount. Seeds are separated from the food and pressed with mechanical method. Argentina leads of high production. Low population cannot consume that high amount of production. High quality vegetable oils are labeled with different forms of variety and exported to high populated countries.


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