Top 10 largest Electricity Producer Country in the World


electricity producing countriesElectricity is the flow of charges or we can say it as flow of energy. Largest electricity producer country has different methods for power production. It was one of the major invention of all time as it has changed the world into lights. There are many ways of world electricity production. They are categorized as “green” and “not green” power generation methods. Green system are those which are environment friendly while Not-Green are those which have some negative effects on human beings. Solar generation system is most green, cheap and efficient way of power production. Others are wind and hydro power generation systems. Some Not Green methods are nuclear power, bio materials and fossil fuels systems. World electricity production has become the major part of our life usage. As we use it in our homes in low amount but due to high population it become burden. Highly industrial countries like United States has a big part of consumption. The list of countries by electricity production in the world are figured in a table.

Electricity consumption by sector

  • Industry operations
  • Households
  • Commercial use
  • Transportation

After the 19th century power production increased due to its demand. Largest electricity producing countries are also exporting it to other countries. Most of the African and Asian nations have very low electric power. Load shedding is their main problem to run their industry and light their houses. Electric plants are used to generate the power from different techniques. Wires send the power to homes, industries and other sectors for usage. Largest electricity producer country have the best underground electric wire system.

Top 10 largest Electricity Producer Country in the World

Rank Country Name Production (GWh)
1  China  5,649,746
2  USA  4,260,463
3  India  1,102,941
4  Japan  1,088,684
5  Russia  1,069,593
6  Germany  633,618
7  Canada  626,074
8  France  568,584
9  Brazil  557,963
10  South Korea  534,438

Q: Which is the largest electricity producing country in the world?

China is the largest electricity producer country in the world. They have large population to facilitate and power is the basic need of modern age. China is also the biggest hydroelectricity producer nation in the world.

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