Top 10 largest Electricity Consumption Country in the World


electricity consumption in the worldElectricity belongs to electric charge to active the machines. Largest electricity consumption rate describes the countries to know their position in the world. Electricity became the major need for every nation for progress. Long before advancements, humans work with their hands. They get meal to recharge their body. Now that has been replaced by machine. Machines use electric energy to process. Machines do any work that we required. For that work, machines need power. Electric power is the most used energy for machines to run. People are using such things in government and private departments. A big use of electricity is measured from residential sector. Every household family must have basic things for consumption. Water heating, cooling and lightening are basic needs in the homes. Commercially every country is consuming electricity in markets and trade. And industry has also the major use for electric power to run the industries. Industries consume a large amount of energy to run. Large industrial sector and most populated nations have highest consumption as compared to other countries. In the race of population some countries are very forward. They need power to accomplish their tasks. Plants are developing for power generation to complete the human’s requirements. Largest electricity consuming countries are well populated and have resources to provide the facilities.

Top 10 largest Electricity Consumption Country in the World

Rank Country Name Consumption MW.h/yr
1  China  5,463,946,800
2  USA  4,686,537,600
3  Russia  1,016,845,400
4  Japan  859,961,900
5  India  852,936,400
6  Germany  582,719,500
7  Canada  499,984,200
8  France  462,993,600
9  Brazil  455,475,400
10  South Korea  455,374,800

Q: What country has the most electricity consumption in the world?

China is the largest electricity consumption country in the world. Industries and resources are in high amount which consume a lot of energy but they are also the biggest producers of energy. We can not blame China for largest electricity consumer. The reason we all must have to know that China is the most populated country in the world. Industry and residential sector are the major consumers. It is not yet enough, Chinese people are now moving toward the luxury life.


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