Top 10 largest Cotton Producing Countries in the World


largest cotton producerCotton is the fiber product. Its plant needs sun power and water to grow. Bolls are collected with labor work in the fields. Industry has one of main crop which was first cultivated around 7000 years ago. Largest cotton producing countries have modernized the way of cultivation. Modern machines have created the easy and fast method to collect the bolls. Poor nations have no such advance machines to utilize, they need strong labor workers to do that task. These boll have fiber and seed. Farmers sell these collected bolls to contractors. Contractors have the links with industry holders to provide them high amount for further process. Industry separate the seed from the bolls and make the soft form of fiber. Then it is used to make cloth with different varieties in textile mills. Highest cotton production is running industries and mills on the base of cotton. Indus River civilization in Pakistan has one of the oldest cotton production history as described by the historian. Nile valley is also known as the first to wear the cotton clothes in the history of humans. After that Arabs traded it toward the Europe. Now it is produced all over the world. Largest cotton producing countries are mentioned in this article for you to make business.

Products of cotton textile industry

  • Clothes and Garments
  • Fabrics and Textile products
  • Pillows and Blankets
  • Seed are used to make soap
  • Seed oil is also used for cooking

Labor was the primary need of production. But in 1730 England introduced the machines for production. Now machines are used in USA and European countries but still Asian and African countries have low harvesting power. World cotton production uses labor to work in the fields. After the industrial revolution in United Kingdom cotton had taken the major role to enhance the industry products. Cotton gin machine was invented by the Americans to process the bolls into fiber. Now industry had a major need for clothes, garments, fabrics etc.

Top 10 largest Cotton Producing Countries in the World

Rank Country Name Metric Tonnes
1  China  6,841,593
2  India  5,323,467
3  United States of America  3,598,853
4  Pakistan  2,216,932
5  Brazil  1,639,537
6  Uzbekistan  1,053,742
7  Australia  976,475
8  Turkey  853,831
9  Argentina  214,371
10  Turkmenistan  199,358
Total  World  25,965,743

Q: Which country is the largest cotton producer in the world?

China has the top rank in the figures of highest cotton producing countries. Their land is perfect for agriculture and they have the workforce to cultivate. Environmental conditions are the major part of production level. China has high sunshine and frost free land to grow the crops. Labor is no problem is china as it is the most populated nation. United States, Australia and United Kingdom has the best cultivating and harvesting machines for high production rate.

largest cotton producer country


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