Top 10 largest Coffee Producer Country


largest coffee producer in the worldCoffee is the hot water drink. Its beans are boiled with hot water to make the special drink. Largest coffee producer countries are considered in the special belt which provide the best requirements for coffee growing. People have just seen the beans of varieties but the plants are far away from them. World coffee production first started in Africa which later traded toward the Europe and Asia. Now more than 80 countries grow these plants. Plants are normal in size and give cherries. Overgrown branches of trees removed from the trees to get ready for the followers and fruit. After the follower’s attachment, plants need care to get fruit. Each cherry consist of two beans which further processed to be used for making drink. When the fruit ripe, farmers gather the fruit or harvested with machines. Fruit dried under the sun and then get the dried seeds of coffee. Raw beans are transferred to the industries for make the best flavors. Roasting is the industrial process which make different flavors as per humans interest. Coffee plants fully get matured at the age of 5 years. These plants have very long life to be harvested. Many plants lasts for more than hundred years which is more than life of a human. But first couple of years after getting fully matured are the best for high production. Coffee production is fully dependent of the care and maintenance of plants. If farmers fulfill proper requirements, they will get the high production. Climate is the specific for growing on large scale. Mild and a fine gained fertile soils are the best regions for production in the world. World coffee production by country is stated here in a table.

Top 10 largest Coffee Producer Country in the World

Rank Country Name Million Tonnes
1  Brazil  2.93
2  Vietnam  1.51
3  Colombia  0.78
4  Indonesia 0.66
5  Ethiopia  0.42
6  India  0.37
7  Honduras  0.34
8  Guatemala  0.29
9  Peru  0.27
10  Uganda  0.24

Q: Which is the largest coffee growing country in the world?

Brazil is the largest coffee producer country in the world. Climate and land is best fitted for coffee production in the Brazil. It is the most beneficial product for health and smart life. Brazilian people are among the most smart and handsome people in the world. History shows that slaves in a region started growing farms which later expanded to whole country. That expansion led the Brazil to top position. Now Brazil trade that product to different countries using their ports.


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