Top 10 Largest Cities by Population in the World


City is the place where millions of the people constantly live. Largest cities by population have the main advantage for a nation to progress. Many people from villages come here to get more facilities.

People migrated in the ancient ages when nations got freedom. They moved toward best places and made cities. From the ancient age’s city remain the powerful trade centers of a nation.

Most populated cities have many facilities like good communication, jobs, housing, transportation, sports, hospitals, better food, gas and everything which a human can imagine for their practical life. Education is the main source of knowledge and people from many areas come to cities to get education.

They get education from school, college and higher education from universities where professor gives the best knowledge of the world. All the countries progress from city which is the main power of a country.

Now cities are full of buildings. Shopping is easier and people buy and sell different things in market. Restaurants are always open for people to eat delicious dishes. Largest cities by population have multicultural festivals and many people make friends of different countries.


Ancient largest cities by population

  • Damascus
  • Byblos
  • Varanasi
  • Plovdiv
  • Sidon

Big populated places with resources have much benefit but there can be many problems to control much rush of humans. They all come here to earn money but if there are no resources in the city then it is a big problem.

Many types of pollution also affect the population and these are also produced by people. Air remains dusty and polluted with large traffic and industries. Noise also effect on humans due high traffic and private factories. Water, thermal, light, personal and fighting pollution are also the major problems.

Top 10 Largest Cities by Population in the World

Rank City Name Population
1  Tokyo (Japan)  34,763,482
2  Guangzhou (China)  26,385,257
3  Jakarta (Indonesia)  25,783,475
4  Shanghai (China)  25,572,946
5  Seoul (Korea)  25,350,278
6  City of Mexico (Mexico)  23,694,268
7  Dehli (India)  23,463,862
8  Karachi (Pakistan)  22,637,385
9  Manila (Philippines)  21,849,735
10  New York (United States of America)  21,461,893

Q: Which is the largest city by population in the world?

There are many cities in the world, but Tokyo has the first rank in the list of most populated cities. Tokyo is the capital of Japan where about 34,600,000 people live. There are people from all the countries and it is situated in the Japan. Its area is 2,187.66 km square. Cherry blossom is the most famous flower of that place.


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