Top 10 largest Cheese Producer Country in the World


cheese producer countryCheese is a food which consists of milk with different flavors and shapes. Cheese producer country are mostly from Europe and America. Milk is get from cow, buffalo and other animals like sheep and goat, and then liquid form is converted into solid form. There are many kinds of cheeses made in different areas. Different kinds of fruit are also mixed for flavors. Chocolate and strawberry taste cheeses which are also very famous. Different herbs and milk forms are used for new flavors and colors for attracting the customers. Also use different vegetables, fruits and other things for new varieties. Cheeses are rich of phosphorus, nutrition, protein and calcium. Cheese production industry is widely spread around the world. Create strong teeth, all cheeses are rich of calcium and phosphorus which are good for keep the strong teeth. Nutrition’s are healthy for humans as they take care of our heart and brain. Bones remain powerful, circulate the blood in the whole body, prevent the kidney and cancer problems, and create red blood cells. It also provides the energy to eyes and muscles to remain active. List of cheese production by country is also available in the article.

Cheese production in the world

  • Cheddar
  • Mozzarella
  • Feta
  • Parmigiano-Reggiano
  • Swiss cheese

Largest cheese producer country has also the highest consumption rate which also causes some bad affects. Lactose problem in which milk has the sugar, which can create problems for humans like swelling of body due to eating, gas in the stomach and diarrhea which are affecting the people in the world due to milk. There is also a problem of constipation, in which digestive system is affected and the food does not digest properly and remain in the body like a solid form. Cheeses have weight gain issues too.

Top 10 largest Cheese Producer Country in the World

Rank Country Name Metric Tonnes
1  United States  5,163, 564
2  Germany  2,047,453
3  France  1,942,375
4  Italy  1,133,756
5  Netherlands  746,263
6  Poland  651,316
7  Egypt  644,564
8  Russia  604,753
9  Argentina  580,375
10  Canada  408,825

Q: Which is the highest cheese producer country in the world?

United States of america has the first rank in the list of cheese producing countries. World 26% of production is in USA. These are sell in local markets and made in local environment. These were made in ancient ages for home food. Children enjoy the food with great joy.

cheese producer country in the world


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