Top 10 largest Cement Producing Countries in the World


largest Cement Producing Countries33Cement is powder type stuff used to connect the hard materials. It is mixed with sand and water for construction. Largest cement producing countries have vast industrial system. Construction of building, home and other structures needs that to fix the tiles. In that globalized country new mega cities are constructing. All mega cities have numerous structures based on public and government build using cement. Hydraulic and Non-hydraulic are the two types which are categorized with respect to water conditions. Hydraulic is used to develop the structures which have strong relation with water. Pure cement powder was used during the 18th century by the British developers. Powder may cause some allergic problems on the human’s skin. Dust protection masks are best to use during the construction work. World cement production statistics are stated in the table.

World cement production types

  • Gray Ordinary Portland
  • Rapid Hardening
  • Oil-well
  • Quick setting

Cement is leading material which is used for constructing different structures. Portland cements are mostly used around the world. These have various types used in different conditions like underwater or open air. The first Plant was constructed in USSR and later they had built many of them to enhance their industry and developments. World Wars badly affected the production level in whole Europe and America. But after that production level gone to peaks as constructions developed rapidly.

Top 10 largest Cement Producing Countries in the World

Rank Country Name Million Tonnes
1  China  2,482.42
2  India  285.83
3  USA  80.36
4  Iran  77.95
5  Indonesia  74.32
6  Brazil  72.57
7  Turkey  71.63
8  Russia  67.39
9  Vietnam  66.81
10  Japan  55.35

Q: Which is the largest cement producer country in the world?

China has the first stage in the list of cement producing countries. They produce more than 2482 million tonnes. It is mainly used for construction and china is highly populated. China needs building and other structures to be construct to provide resources to their citizens.

largest Cement Producing Countries


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