Top 10 largest Canola producing countries in the World


canola producing countries

Canola is the oilseed crop mostly cultivated in Canada. Canola name is derived from the Canada and oil. It is the oil producing seed which is most profitable in the America for the farmers. Largest canola producing countries have high economy boost and trade with other nations. Seeds are highly enriched with oil. Liquid is extracted from the seeds by heating them on high temperature. It is refined to neglect the unhealthy participants. Industrial process made the oil less fatty to be used by humans. It has yellow flowers with pleasurable fragrance. Walking through the fields give pleasure and happiness. Vegetable oils have very rich fats. Canola production is the most beneficial vegetable oil resource for human body. It is used for silky and strong hairs. Cooking is highly appreciated to have best oil product having human friendly nutrients. Plants are used for animal’s feedings. Seeds are also fed to animals to have more meat and milk. Human remain healthy as well as animals by feeding the plant oil. That plant has high proteins to boost the health and power. Trade has highly preferred among countries for consumption due to its health benefits. Humans and animals are the main consumers. Market participants enhance the popularity of human friendly ingredients. Canola production by country is given in the table below.

Top 10 largest Canola producing countries in the World

Rank Country Name Production (1000 MT)
1  Canada  18,362
2  China  14,853
3  India  7,946
4  Australia  3,814
5  Ukraine  2,367
6  Russia  1,437
7  United States  1,013
8  Belarus  681
9  Pakistan  322
10  Kazakhstan  240

Q: Which is the largest canola producer country in the world?

Canada has first rank in list of canola producing countries in the world. It was discovered in Canadian university. Canadian people started growing that plant which became popular in the whole world in some decades. Canola production includes a large amount to the Canadian economy. It is traded to other countries and consumed. Oil is the main product which is labeled to other nations.


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