Top 10 largest Bauxite Producer Country


largest bauxite producer country in the worldBauxite is the solid rock that is main source of aluminium. Bauxites are formed when the mountain rock or soil is affected with strong weather conditions. That new rock is called bauxite which is filled with more than 15 percent of alumina ore. Largest bauxite producer country have large mountain ranges and soils. Engineers blast the mountains and get the rocks. Heavy rocks are broken into small pieces. Trucks are loaded to reach the stone to refineries. Refineries process the stones to get the alumina. Other elements are removed to get the pure alumina ore. Climate is the main factor for bauxite production in the world. Hard weather condition places are the best for production. Aluminium production is strongly dependent on mining industry. Industrial process are used to get the alumina. Heat and cooling processes are the modern technique in industry. Metal industry expanded when bauxite discovered for the first time. Bauxites are found from every country. Engineers are mining in large quantity which is boosting the economy. Constructional work is fully dependent of mining the different solid materials. Although production is very high but every country has high reserves that are saved for future production. That is the wealth which has been kept save. List of bauxite production by country is here to show you complete detail.

Top 10 largest bauxite producer country in the world

Rank Country Name Thousand Tonnes
1  Australia  87,500
2  China  53,300
3  Brazil  35,800
4  Guinea  20,600
5  India  20,300
6  Jamaica  9,900
7  Kazakhstan  5,780
8  Russia  5,600
9  Suriname  2,800
10  Venezuela  2,500

Q: Which country is the largest producer of bauxite in the world?

Australia is the largest bauxite producer country in the world. More than five mines are opened for workers to extract the element. Refineries are running on the base of mining the elements. Australia has best weather condition for mining the elements from earth. The vision of Australian producers is to market the best grade bauxite.


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