Top 10 largest Almond Producing Countries in the World


almond producing countries in the worldAlmond is spice dry fruit, very powerful for memory of a human. Largest almond producing countries are mainly from Middle East and Europe. It is the most vastly produced nut fruit in the world. As per history these were first grown in the Middle East countries and then these people transferred the seeds to Europe and Africa. Almond seed grows into two shells. First frame is automatically removed on the tree when the nut is ready to use. 2nd is hard frame which protects the seed. To break that frame we need some stone or some power. In the market, almond producing countries sell them per need. Hard shelled are processed by humans to remove the frame. Soft almonds are usually sold without processing of removing the frame. Crows are known to be the smartest birds as they play tricks to break the almonds. Crows put down the almonds on the roads waiting for vehicles to crack them. List of world almond production by country is explain in this section of website.

Health benefits of almonds

  • High nutrition source
  • Enhance brain and memory
  • Fight against diseases
  • Increase body fitness
  • Use during pregnancy

Dry fruits are always best for human body but almonds have the major qualities. Students and employees must use almonds to sharp and active their minds. Teachers always advise their students to eat the almonds for strong memory. Cancer is the most notable and dangerous disease which can be protected by using such dry fruit. Skin and hairs remain in best shape. It is best for body fitness as it has very low fat affects.

Top 10 largest Almond Producing Countries in the World

Rank Country Name Production (Tonnes)
1  USA  731946
2  Spain  215825
3  Australia  142742
4  Iran  100836
5  Morocco  99873
6  Italy  90359
7  Syria  86683
8  Turkey  75140
9  Tunisia  70831
10  Afghanistan  62439

Q: Which is the largest almond producer country in the world?

United States of America has the largest almond production by country. Agriculture is the most beneficial department in the world and fruits are most important among all products. Fruits are rich with calories, nutrition and vitamins which human body need. It reduce many diseases from the human body like fat and heart attack problems. Recently 3 million tons of almonds are produced in the world yearly.


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