Top 10 largest Airline Companies in the World


largest airline companiesAirlines are the modern source of transportation and it offers luxurious and safest among all. Largest airline companies are providing best travelling. Thanks to the cutting-edge technology that has enabled to travel longest destinations in the world with comfort and safety. It gets you an amazing experience to explore the world while facilitating international travel. Every airline offers a different class for different customers varying in quality, facilities, style and some luxurious facilities for their clients. Richest airline in the world has the high charges to book their seats. There is a core categorization of major airlines in the world i.e. domestic and international flights. Most of the international airlines offer range of services to their customers and it is divided into 2-3 categories including economy class, business class, and first class. Each class differs from each other in price, performance, luxury, meals and service as well. Always pick the best airline for your travel as it can be a worst experience. Airlines are the fastest way to travel in different countries and its painless most of the times. There are lots of benefits of airlines, particularly when you are traveling to distant destinations around the world. List of countries with largest airline companies are mentioned in this post.

Airline policies and procedures

  • Streamlined SOP
  • Planned journey
  • Check-Ins
  • Security Clearance
  • Arrival & Boarding

Largest airline companies in the world follow a standard operating procedure that helps the consumers to take on their flights and travels smoothly to his destination effortlessly with the better management of airlines staff. Whether you get an economy flight or first class customer, you have to follow same SOPs. First of all, travelers have to gather information about his flight, confirm his seat and check the baggage before leaving for the airport. Once he reaches airport, he must go through the security check along with his personal belongings like baggage and other stuff. As soon as everything is clear and smooth, then traveler have to wait for the announcement and get himself boarded finally after the announcement of the airline.

Top 10 largest Airline Companies in the World

Rank Airline  Country Passengers/year
1  American  United States  147,120
2  Southwest  United States  144,682
3  Delta  United States  138,537
4  China Southern  China  110,744
5  Ryanair  Ireland  102,316
6  United  United States  97,693
7  China Eastern  China  79,426
8  EasyJet  United Kingdom  70,673
9  Turkish  Turkey  61,337
10  Air China  China  60,584

Q: Which is the largest airline company in the world?

American Airlines Company has the first rank in the world by passenger traffic. Its headquarters are situated in Taxes, USA. Size and revenue are also the main factors of this company to top largest airline companies. Company is serving different countries. More than 7,000 flights are announced on daily basis. American airlines are serving through 10 different location in United States. About 1,000 airplanes with 370 travelling destinations are available to journey.


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