Top 10 Information Technology Countries of the World


information technology countriesInformation technology countries have proven a blessing for us and most of the developed nations of the world today have progressed with the help of informatics. It has opened new horizons and opportunities in every aspect of life. IT department has brought revolution in our lives. The continuously changing techniques has long lasting impacts on our society and cultures. We not only have entered in the globalization era but also it also influences our behavior, thinking, and way of living and most importantly access to the information. Leading countries in information technology have helped us in business, commerce, and education, engineering, managing and the wide range of fields to complete our work more professionally and efficiently. One of the greatest uses of IT today is electronic commerce which is rapidly increasing day to day and that have changed our norms forever. Lots of developing and developed countries have adopted significant technological changes to improve the life of their people, and they no longer need to stand in a long queue for small tasks. List of best countries to work in information technology is mentioned in this blog.

Information Technology Models

  • Trade & Commerce
  • Workplaces & Markets
  • Education
  • Health
  • Social Life and Impact

Leading countries in information technology has benefited every field of life. It has changed the conventional approach of trade and commerce. People used to trade within the boundaries due to the limitation of barriers. Information technology countries has made it possible to communicate worldwide and showcase their products to millions of customers worldwide. Similarly, workplaces and markets have become more accessible due to the availability of sophisticated technology. More students can take admissions in the foreign universities and get help for their thesis from the internet with the help of computers. Health and social life have changed over the years with the rapid engagement as it has improved the quality of human life and brought people closer to society.

Top 10 Information Technology Countries of the World

Rank Country Name Index/7
1  Singapore  6.03
2  Finland  6.01
3  Sweden  5.91
4  Netherlands  5.86
5  Norway  5.82
6  Switzerland  5.76
7  United States of America  5.72
8  United Kingdom  5.70
9  Luxembourg  5.67
10  Japan  5.65

Q: Which country has the best information technology in the world

Singapore has topped in best information technology countries in the world. Annual report of Networked readiness Index (NRI) revealed the ranking of countries by information technology. That report have different measurements. Finland remained the best competitor in last few years of IT field. Singapore is well developed, highly educated and technological country in every field of life. Internet connections are available commonly and people have strong access to internet and computers. Online workplaces, websites and networked communications tells the strong relation in IT departments.


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