Top 10 highest Suicide Rate Countries in the World


highest suicide rate in the worldSuicide is the most disturbing and abhorrence movement. It is denied by all countries and hated by all religions of the world. Highest suicide rate makes the general public in negative engaging stage. Now question arouses in our minds that why people Commit Suicide? Depression is the principle issue that submits terrible things. Indoctrinated and prepared are also leads to do such unfortunate propensities. Drugs addictions and blunders decrease the value of life to spend among the others. Unemployment and no support from government are terribly allowing the people to do the wrong things. There are a great deal of issues in the general public to handle, numerous fathom them yet some stay under issues with no solution and demoralized from numerous people. They kill himself because of their financial conditions, they don’t have enough cash to face issues. List of world suicide rates by country are given in the table.

Methods to do Suicide

  • Shot himself with shoot
  • Utilization of Poison
  • Shelling and Explosions
  • Train, fire, tallness and hanging strategies

Highest suicide rate can be controlled under different methods and practices. Religious researchers can take a fundamental part from evading these things. Weapons are openly available in the markets which should be banned. As society has the less life importance of individuals. So, better education and employment resources can enhance the life importance and decrease the world suicide rates by country. Drug avoidance from the general public, better facilities and peaceful environment from the government leads to decrease the rising suicidal rates in the world.

Top 10 highest Suicide Rate Countries in the World

Rank Country Name Annual rate per 100,000
1  Greenland  84.7
2  Lithuania  33.7
3  South Korea  27.3
4  Guyana  26.0
5  Kazakhstan  25.5
6  Sri Lanka  24.7
7  Hungary  23.3
8  Slovenia  22.7
9  Latvia  21.6
10  Croatia  19.2

Q: Which is the highest suicide rate country in the world?

Greenland is the most suicidal country in the world. It is figured from 100,000 people in particular territory and after that computing the entire nation areas with average. As per that standard Greenland has 84.7 which is most noteworthy by a nation. Hanging and shooting himself remained the most used method in Greenland. People consume large amount of alcohol which leads to bad unintentional activities.


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