Top 10 Highest Percentage of Farmer Countries in the World


highest percentage of farmer countriesA farmer is a man who lives in fields and cultivates harvests, fruits of the soil farming items. Highest percentage of farmer countries have best fertile land for cultivation. There are two sides, one who have their own particular land and second who works on others land. These both are farmers which grow fields to get by in this universe of rivalry. Cultivating is hardest occupation however it is extremely popular and quite required. Agriculture was the first upheaval on the earth by humans when people proceed. Presently there are numerous developed Agriculture nations however because of development age, machines have supplanted the humans, yet in developing nations there are still agriculturist working in fields. The primary thing is that the nations which have low employment rate and people have nothing to do, so they have their own particular occupation, which is cultivating. Highest number of farmers by country can grow and care their vast families with cultivating fruits and vegetables in the fields. They can afford the animals for milk. Huge production of diverse sort of sustenance by agriculturists rise the economy of nation. These perform a noteworthy part in the advancement of a nation. With huge food production nation can devour and exchange the sustenance items in the entire world. List of number of farmers by country is mentioned in article.

Farming practices in the world

  • Crops production
  • Livestock management
  • Land and water management
  • Sales and marketing

There can be an issue of highest percentage of farmer when the crops don’t grow totally because of some issue like water, season or climate. The interest and cost of the item likewise matter, if there is no interest and low cost, then the makers can likewise go in loss of cash. Farmer spend through cash in the entire year and they take advantage two times in a year, they oblige a great deal of vitality to work in fields. There can be light issues for them to offer water to fields with turbines, if the legislature of nation does not bolster them.

Top 10 Highest Percentage of Farmer Countries in the World

Rank Country Name % of Workforce Farmers
1  Bhutan  93  940,800
2  Nepal  92  10,110,850
3  Burkina Faso  91  5,070,340
4  Burundi  90  3,032,180
5  Niger  89  4,400,530
6  Rwanda  87  3,740,900
7  Ethopia  87  22,895,300
8  Mali  83  4,600,560
9  Guinea Bissau  81  451,450
10  Uganda  80  9,125,570

Q: Which is the highest percentage of farmer country in the world?

Bhutan has the highest number of farmers by country in the world. It has around 942,000 ranchers with rate of 93 work force. Burkina Faso, Nepal and Burundi have additionally the high rate of workforce of farmers on the planet.

highest percentage of farmer


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