Top 10 highest Oil Producing Countries in the World


oil producing countries worldwideTaxes in US is one of richest places due to oil production having much industries. Largest oil producing countries are known as black gold producing nations due to its demand. World oil production has increased to their peaks in the last few years. Americans are taking out that from Taxes from 1894 and they had got 60 billion barrels and much is still there in the depths of earth. According to the companies there are more 10 billion barrels inside the earth to be drawn. And the world largest oil producers in the world are searching the new reserves to take out. Crude form is very sticky and smelly. But it is the raw material like key to success to make petrol. According to scientists, that was made up after the animal’s death and sea plants mixture. And after 250 million years later, with pressure of heat these raw facts converted into the very important material which was searched by the people. There are more than thousand wells are dig every month, and they take out 900 thousand barrels of crude every day. That crude is situated down in the earth about 3 kilometers away between the solid rocks. Long pipes are sent into earth with huge motors for oil production. It is very dangerous work to done by engineers and workers. After wells, engineers plant the jacks to pump out the liquid. That liquid have no functionality for motors to run. To run motors, we need to refine that. List of world largest oil producing countries is maintained in this article.

Oil refinery products

  • Petrol
  • Diesel Fuel
  • LPG
  • Air planes fuel

After that crude is transferred to the refineries to make perfect form to use it. Oil producing countries have must needed refinery process to make the usable form. Bay Town is the US single largest refinery have capability to refine 560 thousands of crude per day. There is laboratory for tests. Crude is mixture of hydrocarbons having different item numbers, so they have different weight. Crude mixed liquid is heated and separated with pressure in a box due to weight. Every 159 barrels of crude contains, 73 liters of Petrol, 35 liters of Diesel, 20 liters of Jet fuel and heavy fuel, 6 liters of Propene and 34 liters of others materials. After laboratory tests clarification, there are big sea tankers to travel the oil and pipe line to fill the big terminals. Then there are huge road tanker to transfer that to the stations to provide the public. Now cars and other motors are ready to fill their tanks and run. World largest oil producers in the world have low prices for their natives but take high amounts for exporting.

Top 10 highest Oil Producing Countries in the World

Rank Country Name BBL per Day
1  Russia 10,600,400
2  Saudi Arabia  9,675,900
3  United States  9,127,800
4  China  4,577,400
5  Canada  3,629,600
6  Iran  3,346,100
7  Iraq  3,239,300
8  United Arab Emirates  3,156,800
9  Venezuela  3,121,500
10  Mexico  2,837,400

Q: Which is the highest oil producing country in the world?

Russia has the first rank in the table of oil producing countries. They take the crude and refine it. Russia produce 11 million barrels in single day which is largest as compare to other countries. As we think that future of the world is very gloomy. We will be running cars on roads and catching all the facilities. But oil is the major need of future. Now about 800 million vehicles are running with 7 billion liters of petrol. To draw, we need engineers, wizardry and laborers to work.

oil producing countries in the world


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