Top 10 highest Crime Rate Countries in the World


highest crime rate countriesCrime is an act which the country does not allow to do. All the countries have rule and regulations that the people have to follow and respect. Highest crime rate countries have high alert security system to catch the criminals.  Each country have own separate rules as they want. But the people who do not follow these rules are called criminals. These criminals must be punished if they commit crimes. There can be many types of crimes like social or governmental. Crimes can be of killing, robbery or get others resources. These crimes have to stop and a country can stop these by strict rules and regulations and punishing everybody even if he is boss. Police can take an important role to catch these criminals, send them in hell and punish them. After ensuring that they do not does that again leave them. List of world crime rates by country is listed in this blog for having the knowledge about violence.

World crime methodology

  • Acting against laws
  • Killing
  • Robbery
  • Corruption
  • Cheating etc.

A rough calculation shows that half of the world people earns about two dollar per day and 20 percent of the world people has the 90 percent of the wealth. It means that there are many people in poverty and they have big ambitions to become a hero. Highest crime rate countries have also much wealth but its distribution is not equal. So, they commit crimes to get money from somewhere. The countries which are rich, criminals look on them and do robberies. There are many people who are unemployed and finding jobs in the world, but they do not get any job. They spend much money on education and now they want to earn but nation have not much resources of jobs. So, these men are also committing crimes. Countries with the most crime in the world should provide equal facilities for betterment of nation. Now politics is the main part of a nation and our politician also commit crimes to get their goals.

Top 10 highest Crime Rate Countries in the World

Rank Country Name No. of Crimes
1  US  12,754,473
2  UK  6,635,835
3  Germany  6,846,364
4  France  4,925,562
5  India  3,853,563
6  South Africa  3,845,463
7  Russia  3,375,875
8  Japan  2,275,745
9  Canada  2,735,365
10  Italy  2,475,592

Q: Which is the highest crime rate country in the world?

As we know that everything on earth has benefits and drawback. The countries which are well developed have the most crime. Like USA, UK, Germany and France. United States of America has the first rank in the list of highest crime rate countries in the world. These world crime rates by country can be controlled by good education system, high employment rates and less poverty in the world. Police can also take an important role in that cases.

highest crime rate countries in the world


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