TOP 10 Highest Crime Rate Cities in the UK


United Kingdom is the 64th Highest Crime Rates Country in the World. Crime Rate in the UK describes acts of violent crime and non-violent crime that happens in UK.

Courts and police systems separated into 3 sections, like the judicial systems of Wales, Scotland, England and Northern Ireland to decrease the crime rate of UK.

Crime is the brutal act of disturbance in the society. It is against the laws of state. Highest crime rate cities in the UK are comparatively less peaceful than others. Government has the police department to overcome these inhuman actions.

United Kingdom has some brutal activities in the past and that are still in charge. In 2013, the brutality was on the peak. Murdering of women was common as 164 women were killed in Britain in the single year.

These were sisters, mothers, wives and neighbors of many people. Highest crime rate cities in the UK are now under the control of best police system. As there are no restrictions for male and female to become friends in United Kingdom. 86 out of 164 were killed by their male friends or husbands.

These were engaged closely with each other. Killers were blocked in the prison for murdering. When the value of husband and wife has no respect in the society then society destroys. List of United Kingdom crime rate figures is mentioned in this page.

Reasons of murdering

  • Alcohol and drugs addiction
  • Dishonoring of parents
  • Leaving the relation with ex-friends
  • Divorce situations
  • Unfaithful to their husbands
  • Having more affairs

United Kingdom crime rate has unknown fear of life. Murdering is not just the activity of crime. It can be any activity which harms the people. There are many countries which have good life style just because of the less crime rate. For example they can visit to the picnic points and can go to schools without any fear. And community have very good attitude and social ethics.

UK Highest Crime Rate
UK Highest Crime Rate

Top 10 highest Crime rate Cities in the UK

Rank City Name Crime Index
1  Milton Keynes  64.74
2  Leeds  52.35
3  Manchester  51.23
4  Nottingham  49.47
5  London  48.67
6  Belfast  47.51
7  Glasgow  47.14
8  Newcastle Upon Tyne  46.38
9  Birmingham  45.62
10  Liverpool  43.83

Q: Which city has the highest crime rate in the UK?

Milton Keynes has topped in the list of highest crime rate cities in the UK. Burglary and robbery are the daily routine criminal’s activities. Murder of women have a bad effect on the social rights of humans.  A true religion gives the best life living strategy which is on the order of God. Administrative departments, education and religion have a main character in the society to reduce brutality and violence.

Q: Is the United Kingdom a safe or dangerous country?

Like all European countries, the United Kingdom is a safe country. Violent crime is low, and most tourists will never be bothered by safety concerns another that petty crime. It is ranked 33 in the ranking of the safest countries in the world.

In some cities, some neighborhoods are quite unpleasant and risky for tourists – check with the local council or our city guides to know which parts are best avoided. In London and other cities, some areas with lots of bars and nightclubs can be dangerous at night, where intoxicated people are sometimes easy targets for muggers.

Sports events – like football games – can end with some violence between teams. Traffic and lane crossing can be a problem since people drive on the left side of the road, and every year the tourists get run over because they forgot to look before crossing the road. Pickpockets are a problem in cities in urban areas or at crowded events.

Travelers should also know that pickpockets often work in teams, and sometimes even in conjunction with street vendors. Begging is not uncommon in some larger cities, but not to a greater extent than in most other major cities, and aggressive beggars are rarely experienced.

Some beggars are organized in groups. Keep in mind that flashing any cardboard sign very close to your body could be a pickpocket trick. Recent terrorist attacks have occurred in neighboring countries.


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