Top 10 Hashish Producing Countries in the World


Hashish Producing CountriesHashish also known as marijuana resin is the dark brown colored drug. It is planted in different secret areas having no approach to authorities. Largest hashish producing countries have the most drug consumption rate in the world. Cannabis plants is illegally cultivated. Its flower has the special addictive quality. As other drugs, it is also smoked which turn to happy feeling and relaxed body having no anxiety and pain. It is highly chemical drug to use. Quality wise it is categorized in different levels based on the quantity of resin. High quantity of resin drug is expensive and pure. Different environment condition leads to variety of modes. Hashish is strictly banned in Europe, United States and Canada yet it is illegally transported through borders. Smugglers and dealers lead to wealth by transporting drugs across border to border.  But as many drugs are used in medical facilities, license are provided by government. Hashish smoke directly affect the lungs of the human body. Lungs disabled as time passes. List of top hashish producing countries are mentioned in this blog.

Side effects of using Hashish

  • Lungs damage
  • Mouth Cancer
  • Throat Infection
  • Weakness
  • Unstable mind and sense

Cannabis plants are dried in the fields and then blossoms are collected. These blossoms are rubbed with hands. After rubbing hardly resins attach with hand which is the pure form of hashish. It’s the local method usually used in Afghanistan. Modern methods are also used by different hashish producing countries. Cigarette is widely used to taste the addiction of drugs. Moreover special high standard pipes are used by Europeans and Americans.

Top 10 Hashish Producing Countries in the World

Rank Country Name  % of World
1  Afghanistan  20.75
2  Morocco  11.38
3  Pakistan  6.02
4  Netherlands  5.32
5  Lebanon  5.14
6  India  4.63
7  Nepal  4.49
8  Spain  4.32
9  Albania  3.84
10  Jamaica  3.69

Q: Which is the largest hashish producer country in the world?

Afghanistan has again topped in the hashish producing countries along with other drugs production. Drugs are rarely available in markets and hand to hand traded in streets and cities. Illegally self-protected fields cultivated commonly by people. Drugs are transplant to shapes for trade to other countries. More than 2500 tons of hashish are produced in Afghanistan illegally. Government is fully collapsed after wars and Taliban occupy which lead the society to drugs.

Hashish Producing Countries 2


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