Top 10 fastest Economic Growth Countries in the World


fastest economic growth countriesEconomics is the social science which is about production materials, how much they send to other countries and how much they himself use in their own country, these all are done by some organization or government institutes. Fastest economic growth is the main thing to progress, economic can make the country rich and powerful and all the countries depend upon economics to build up and earn money through trading. In ancient ages the farming was the best occupation to build their economy. They trade their goods from one city to another to get more money. And then after a long time in middle ages people made the special place for goods trading which is now called the stock exchange. List of world economic growth by country is figured in a table

Measuring economic growth rate

  • Production rate
  • Consumption
  • Gross domestic product
  • Circulation of production
  • Exchange of wealth etc.

After the industrial revolution, fast growing economies in the world traded the goods by transportation system. Farming was gone to big level and people were searching the resources from inside the earth by mining. After the World War 2 the countries in America and Europe maintained a good economy. Fastest economic growth countries became the global powers of that time. In the end of 20th and start of the 21th century, internet was the best invention ever developed, it communicate the people on the earth. After that US, China, India and Brazil used their population and area power and create the challenging economy.

Top 10 fastest Economic Growth Countries in the World

Rank Country Name GDP Growth Rate
1  Macau  12.00
2  Turkmenistan  10.21
3  Chad  9.73
4  Monaco  9.52
5  Mongolia  9.31
6  Democratic republic of Congo  8.83
7  Ivory Coast  8.47
8  Myanmar  8.36
9  Mozambique  8.26
10  Ethiopia  8.23 

Q: Which is the fastest economic growth country in the world?

Macau has the first rank in the list of fast growing economies in the world. Its a small country with low land area and population. Its GDP growth rate is 12.00 which makes it fastest. China and United States of America have the highest GDP in the world.

fastest economic growth in the world


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